Undergraduate Final Year Projects

Undergraduate Research Project Supervision

  1. Main Supervisor. Amiruddin Mohd Tajudin, Title: Investigation of the potential of free energy from gravity and buoyancy, 2014/13.
  2. Main Supervisor. Irene Chan Ailing, Title: Integrated Maximum Energy Recovery and Safety Index, 2013/12.
  3. Main Supervisor. Zulhilmi Ahmad, Title: Power Pinch Analysis with Economics Effect, 2013/12.
  4. Main Supervisor. Ong Su Tin, Title: Effect of Process Changes to Power Pinch Analysis, 2011/12.
  5. Main Supervisor. Yeo Yeong Shun, Title: Retrofit heat integration with phase changes and heat capacity variation.
  6. Main Supervisor. Ang Chun Heng, Title: Exothermic effect in batch heat integration, 2011/12.
  7. Main Supervisor. Siong King Yuan, Title: Polymer reactor modelling for cooling load optimisation, 2011/12.
  8. Main Supervisor. Liew Peng Yen, Title: A Numerical Targeting Approach for Total Site Heat Recovery Network, 2010/11.
  9. Main Supervisor. Lee Kim Yau, Title: A Maximum Energy Recovery Targeting using Individual Stream Matching Approach for Systems With Heat Losses, 2010/11.
  10. Main Supervisor. Cheah Yen Keong, Title: A mathematical model for maximum paper recovery, 2010/11.
  11. Main Supervisor. Lau Joo Teck, Title: A Mathematical Model for Cost-Effective Simultaneous Minimum Heat and Water Network, 2010/11.
  12. Main Supervisor. Lee Sooi Joo, Title: A Mathematical Model for Cost Effective Minimum Water Network Design for Batch Process, 2010/11.
  13. Main Supervisor. Huang Heng Ching, Title: A mathematical model for water regeneration or treatment system selection to achieve minimum water network, 2009/10.
  14. Main Supervisor. Heng Wee Bin, Title: A software module for retrofit of heat exchanger network, 2009/10.
  15. Main Supervisor. Sun Kheen Nam, Title: A software module for targeting the optimum HEN cost, 2009/10.
  16. Main Supervisor. Fatin Munirah, Title: A software module for cost effective minimum water network, 2009/10.
  17. Main Supervisor. Hoo Wei Kiong, Title: The Cost Effective Minimum Heat Network, 2008/09.
  18. Main Supervisor. Ezan Ezuani Binti Rashid, Title: Green Mosque Design Considering Water and Energy Minimisation, 2008/09.
  19. Main Supervisor. Chong Kok Lin, Title: Minimum Water Network Algorithm Development, 2008/09.
  20. Main Supervisor. Soh Guan Kit, Title: Maximum Solid Waste Allocation Network Design, 2008/09.
  21. Main Supervisor. Sharifah Hanis Yasmin, Title: Minimum Water Network of a Petroleum Refinery Plant, 2007/2008.
  22. Main Supervisor. Arfahsaadah Binti Hj. Aripin, Title: Minimisation of Nitrogen Network in Petroleum Refinery, 2007/2008.
  23. Main Supervisor. Muhammad Azan Tamar Jaya, Title: Maximum Recovery Retrofit Design in a Palm-Oil Plant, 2006/07.
  24. Co-supervisor. Foong Yuen, Title: Development of Computational Tools for Energy Analysis and Improvement of Process Equipment and Structure, 2006/07.
  25. Co-supervisor. Tan Kian Tong, Title: Development of Computational Tools for Energy Analysis and Improvement of Electricity Reduction Schemes, Cogeneration and Fuel Switching Potential, 2006/07.
  26. Co-supervisor. Ong Tin Hui, Title: Development of Computational Tools for Energy Analysis and Improvement of Steam Generation and Distribution, 2006/07.
  27. Co-supervisor. Heong Mee Yee, Title: Development of Computational Tools for Energy Analysis and Improvement of Motorised Equipment, 2006/07.
  28. Co-supervisor. Qurratu’ Ain binti Mohammad Sapian, Semi-Conductor Plant Energy Conservation Using Minimum Water Network Method, 2006/2007.
  29. Co-supervisor. Cheong Bian Ee, Application of MATRIX technique on an Oleo-Chemical Plant, 2006/2007.
  30. Co-supervisor. Nik Suryati Nik Kub, Building Water Minimisation (Faculty & CEPP) Using Minimum Water Network, 2006/2007.
  31. Co-supervisor. Siti Norhana Shari, Building Water Minimisation (Faculty and CEPP) Using Water Pinch Analysis, 2006/2007.
  32. Co-supervisor. Siti Nur Aqila, Mosque Water Minimisation Using Minimum Water Network Approach, 2006/2007.
  33. Co-supervisor. Wan Mohd Fadhli, Semi-Conductor Plant Water Conservation Using Water Pinch Analysis, 2006/2007.


Industrial Training with Project Supervision

  1. Co-supervisor, Mohd Anuar Bin Mokhtar, Influence Drying Temperature on Paddy Drying Process, BERNAS, Kota Bharu, Kelantan (April-June 2009)
  2. Co-supervisor, Muhammad Qayyum Bin Halele, Troubleshooting cyclonic husk furnace corrosion problem, BERNAS, Kota Bharu, Kelantan (April-June 2009)


Bachelor Degree: Final Year Design Project Supervision

  1. Main supervisor. Production Of 60,000 Mta Of Phosgene, 2014 (4 Students).
  2. Main supervisor. Production of DME from Palm Oil, 2012 (5 students).
  3. Main supervisor. Production of Biodiesel from Jatropha Oil, 2009/10 (6 students).
  4. Main supervisor. Production of 50,000 MTA Butyl Acetate (BA), 2008/09 (6 students).
  5. Main supervisor. Design of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil, 2007/08 (6 students).
  6. Co-supervisor. Design of Hydrogenation Plant for PCOC, 2006/07 (6 students).


Industrial Training Supervision

  1. Kuala Lumpur (19 to 23 Aug 2013) (10 students)
  2. Kawasan Ulu Tiram (26 May – 15 Jun 2008) (8 students)
  3. Pasir Gudang Area (May-June 2007) (15 students)
  4. Sarawak Area (August 2012) (4 students)
  5. Kuala Lumpur (August 2013) (8 students)
  6. Sarawak Area (August 2014) (4 students)


Student Visits Supervision

  1. Visit to FELDA Oil Products (FOP), Pasir Gudang, Introduction to Engineering (29 August 2007)
  2. Visit to Optimal Chemical, Kerteh, Terengganu, Plant Design II (15 April 2008)
  3. Visit to Carotino Sdn Bhd, Pasir Gudang, Plant Design II (13 February 2008)
  4. Visit to Titan, Pasir Gudang (31 January 2008)