Advanced Nuclear Engineering Research Group (ANERGy)

Research Projects

Research Leader

Project Title Grant Type Year
Utilization of Steel Slag for High-Density Gamma Radiation Shielding ConcreteUTM Encouragement Research2021 – Ongoing

Research Member

Project Title Grant Type Year
Optimal Hybrid Intermittent and Non-intermittent Renewable Trigeneration Plants Design on Forecast Energy Demands using Artificial IntelligenceUTM Fundamental Research 2022 – Ongoing
Reactivity Feedback Coefficient on Temperature Transients using Hybrid Artificial IntelligenceUTM Encouragement Research2021 – Ongoing
Polyethylene, Boron, And Bismuth Oxide Combined New Composite For Radiation ShieldingUTM Encouragement Research2021 – Ongoing
*as of July 2022