“She is determined, highly motivated and very eager to spread the environmental word. Malaysian Kogila Vani Annammala (‘Vani’) knows what she wants and doesn’t let anybody get in her way. ‘You don’t want to lose your dream because other people told you so.’ A portrait of an emerging scientist and Earthwatch Team lead” -@Elbers (Earthwatch Coordinator, Oxford-UK) .
That is what someone thinks of who I am.
I am broadly interested in research related to environment a very field orientated person. My research direction are more towards erosion, sedimentation and on the hydrological component of the environment, also on water chemistry, sediment geochemistry and still exploring myself in this field .A little more details on my current research directions and field of interest can be found in this website link: and ).
Previously, I was the field team leader in an Earthwatch program in Borneo. A five year research program located in Lahad Datu, Sabah. This project studied how logging and land use change have impacted forests, and how resilient these rainforests are to the likely effects of climate change.determine how key plant and animal groups have been impacted by logging and fragmentation, and how this disturbance has affected soil moisture, decomposition, and soil erosion. This information is critical if we are to find ways to conserve Borneo’s remaining forests—and provide a strong scientific foundation for their restoration. Although the project have now ended, I am still very much passionate with this scope of research and still continuing this line of study. and expanded to West Malaysia. I am now ( 2016-2020)  leading a project in Kelantan, at a large river basin catchment in trying to model the sedimentation rate and to trace non point source pollutant origins. I am currently attached to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Johor as a senior lecturer in Department of water and environmental Engineering, School of Civil Engineering. And a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC).