Current activities

September 2020


Tagging along with colleagues  for site survey, as they are working in mapping the urban drainage.  I would definitely will not be missing the opportunity for my own research sampling as well. A project I self adopted- out of interest . Slow but ongoing as up to date I haven’t received full funding for the project.

A project close to heart. Tracing non point source pollution in Johor River Basin and now expending the research from sediments to water quality and risk indexes. Johor the state I call my Home. Place also known as the Southern Tiger’s residence.

All started way back in 2017- never underestimate the power of serendipity!!! ( as a close friend of mine- Rob would say). It started by helping out a fellow researcher from NTU- prof Patrick, for his project. Where I initiated to make use of the time and situation to collect some samples. With the help of my research students; off we went for sampling.( check out :

We have a few papers coming up.. Wait for it !! am excited to share the results and findings…

now at second stage: expending towards the midstream of the catchment. Flew a drone for arial view etc.

Stay tuned for more updates..


collecting sediment samples by the river bank. Do you know that sediment holds a lot of information within it? including messages on where it is from???


preparing to take off.. can you spot the Drone?


Thanks for the read.