Install TinyOS-2.1.1 – The easiest way

Either you are using Windows, or Mac, you can install and straight away start to use Tinyos-2.1.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS-32-bit, the EASIEST way! Simply download the ova file below and import it in your VirtualBox VM:


Follow the steps in the guide from the link below to start programming Wireless Sensor Networks!

GUIDE: Install-TinyOS-2.1.1-on-Ubuntu-14045-LTS-32-bit-using-VirtualBox-ova-Image

How to install TinyOS-2.1.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS 32-bit VirtualBox VM

The recent TinyOS 3 version has limitation on supporting simulation. Therefore, to leverage the use of TOSSIM, the built-in TinyOS simulator, researchers has to rely on the backdated version of the OS. This guide lets us to compile and flash TinyOS codes on Micaz and Telosb motes while enabling simulation using TOSSIM on Micaz platform. Please note that the version of Ubuntu used is 32 bit, which has been tested worked compared to the 64 bit version.

How to Install Tinyos-2.1.1 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS-32bit using VirtualBox VM

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Installing TinyOS-2.1.2 on Ubuntu 14.04.5-LTS 64-Bit using Virtualbox VM

This guides let one to install TinyOS version 2.1.2 (from latest tree) on Ubuntu by using VirtualBox virtualization. Apart from enabling to compile TinyOS codes (for example at the very simple compiling the ‘Hello World’ Blink application), the specific versions of TinyOS tools and packages stated in this guides particularly enable us to use the IoT features (particularly using the BLIP 2.0 protocols over the RPL) therefore realizing the implementation of wireless embedded internet. As I had researching on several installation combinations of tinyos tools and packages which resulted in compiling failures, the packages combination proposed in this guide is the one I found to be a success compiled. Therefore, it is very important to use the correct versions and releases of packages as suggested in this guide. Also note that a warning messages appear during the apps compilation (for example: $make telosb blip) asking to use version 4.6.3 of the msp430-gcc compiler, but I believe the correct version needed is actually 4.5.3. as explicitly mentioned by the TinyOS experts in their particular intro to the TinyOS-IoT page . Therefore, simply ignore the warning messages appeared. The guide below walk you through the installation steps…

How to Install Latest Tinyos-2.1.2 on Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS-64bit using VirtualBox VM on Windows 10

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How to install TinyOS 2.1.1 on Ubuntu 14.0.4 32 bit

Even TinyOS has been updated to version 3 but in terms of simulation, I found few limitations hindered one to simulate particularly on micaz platform. I have been searching all over the web and other references how can get the simulation done on TinyOS on Ubuntu machine. I’ve tried using the tinyos github tree (, tinyprod (,, for recent up-to-date development of TinyOS, or even the all suggested installation procedure from the official TinyOS site ( but seems bring me disappointment. Some of the guides got me success on running the telosb motes (by using the MSP430 packages), but when it comes to simulation or running on micaz platform (using the AVR packages), it just seems doesn’t works. Therefore, after researching on ownself and trying with a mixture of installation steps, finally I managed to get the TinyOS installed on the Ubuntu 14 32bit machine. So far, I manage to get it works using the TinyOS version 2.1.1 because all the packages and toolchains are compatible with this version, while on the other hand, the current TinyOS 2.1.2 (with the Make system ver 3) still producing errors while hitting the command $make micaz sim! So, if you wish to have both simulation and real implementation of micaz and telosb platform running on your Ubuntu machine, I can offer you try on these guides. Click on the link given to start it works for you…

How to Install Tinyos-2.1.1 on Ubuntu14-32bit

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How to install TinyOS 2.1.2 in Mac OSX El Capitan


I got this works for me! There are many settings to get the TinyOS 2.1.2 up and running in the Mac machine. And the one I had here I had manage it done successfully on my Mac OSX El Capitan machine. Possibly, we can get some installation success for us but while trying to simulate on TOSSIM while running the ‘make micaz sim’ command, there are an error mess as what we got in return. But I had a successful TinyOS codes installation on TelosB motes, as well as codes installation and simulation on the MicaZ motes. So the given guide here works for both the TelosB and MICAz simulation. As it works for me, I hope it works for you too!. Any comment, simple drop me an email at:

Installing TinyOS 2.1.2 on Mac OS X El Capitan