Research Areas/Interest

Zaleha is a member of the Creative Technology Research Group (CITE)

Her research supervision areas include:

  • creativity development
  • online interactions and collaboration
  • online tools and emerging pedagogies

She is particularly interested in research related to new learning technologies and strategies.


Research proposals: please email if you would like to discuss the appropriateness of your research topic

Research interests:

· Learning design

o Collaborative working in learning design – this research sets out to develop an understanding of how notions of effective online learning design develop in collaborative development teams of academics and learning technologists. It also explores the process of intercultural working and the participation of the intended users of the materials in the design process. Activity theory forms a framework for analysis in this work.

· Effective support for online learning

o The nature of effective training of online tutors – this research sets out to develop an understanding of the core set of skills required to be an effective online tutor in a wide range of higher education contexts, i.e. in different subject areas and different cultures. Activity theory forms the basis of a key tool for supporting tutors in developing an understanding of effective online support and is a key outcome of this work.

· Personalisation of learning within social media

o Technological affordances that support personalization- this research and development has set out to work with academics and learning technologists to create tools and explore website design that support personalisation of the process of learning within social media.


No Title Role Type Of Research Amount (Rm)
1 Breaking Down Barriers To Student Centred Learning With Nali Learning Technologies: A Case Study Of The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Leader DPP 19,500
2 A Practical Analysis Of Research On The Impact Of Blossoms In Increasing Teachers’ Content Mastery Level Leader Government Grants 30,000
3 An Investigation To Integrate Individual And Social Creativity In Promoting Human-Computer Interface Designing Skill Through Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Leader Government Grants 47,300
4 Teachers’ Readiness In Designing And Developing Blossoms For Classroom Learning In Malaysian Learning Institutions Leader University Grants 30,000
5 Developing Postgraduate Student Teachers’ Creativity In Design Through A Social Networking Collaboration With Professional Designers Leader Government Grants 20,000
6 Development Of Model For Learning Science Using Cognitive Conflict Video Based Instruction To Overcome Student Misconception Member Government Grants 68,200
7 Assessing The Effects Of Gamification And Game Based In Learning : Motivation And Academic Performance Member DPP 20,000
8 An Exploratory Study Of Blossoms Video Acceptance And Usage For Self Directed Learning Member Government Grants 30,000
9 The Use Of Learning Analytics To Support Improvements In Teaching Practice Member Government Grants – International 200,000
10 An Integrated Peer Instruction Model To Reduce Cognitive Load In Social Media Learning Member Government Grants 60,200
11 Students’ Holistic Learning Process Through Social Networking Site In Higher Education Member Government Grants 20,000
12 Platform Proses Aktiviti Pembelajaran Dalam Persekitaran Autentik Bervisualisasi Berdasarkan Kepada Kontinum Pemikiran Visual Dalam Kalangan Kanak-Kanak Sindrom Down Member Government Grants 52,200
13 Towards Future University: Mobile Learning Social Network Model Member Government Grants 15,000
14 Proposing A Learning Framework To Develop Critical Thinking Skill Through The Use Of Collaborative Asynchronous Online Discussion Among Students At Malaysia Higher Member Government Grants 60,000
Learning Institutions
15 Technology-Enhanced Knowledge Community Model For Promoting Critical Thinking Member Government Grants 50,000
16 Pembangunan Persekitaran Pembelajaran Maya Berbantukan Agen Pedagogi Beranimasi Bagi Kursus Authoring Language Di Fakulti Pendidikan, Utm Member DPP 14,000
17 Collaborative Problem-Based Approach Through Web 2.0 Learning Environment To Enhance Argumentative Knowledge Construction Process Member Government Grants 70,000
18 Model For Teaching Using Video Based On Cognitive Load Theory Member Government Grants 15,000
19 Online Supportive Social Interactions Among Students In Malaysian Higher Education Institution Member Government Grants 32,000
20 Towards Future University: Mobile Learning Social Network Model Member Government Grants 20,000
21 Impak Pelaksanaan Program Pusat Pengajaran Dan Pembelajaran Terhadap Pengajaran Dan Pencapaian Staf Akademik Utm Member Government Grants 20,000
22 Pembentukan Kemahiran Insaniah Pelajar Menerusi Pembelajaran Teradun Dalam Persekitaran E- Autentik Bervisual Member DPP 10,000
23 Learning Analytics: Predicting Postgraduate Students Graduation Member Government Grants 20,000
24 An Implementation Of Edutainment To Promote Generic Skills Among Undergraduate Member Government Grants 20,000