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Hydrological dynamics of tropical streams on a gradient of land-use disturbance and recovery: A multi-catchment experiment

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Call for Papers 2018

1st Announcement CONFERENCE ON FLOOD CATASTROPHES IN A CHANGING ENVIRONMENT 2018 (CFCCE’18) Theme: Floods in Urbanized Area Venue: Nanjing, Jiangsu, China Date: 15-18th NOV 2018     Call for Papers (CFCCE’18) Flooding is one of the natural disasters that causes severe losses and damage across the world. Recent studies indicated that the occurrence frequency of flooding might […]

Friends of Melana River (FoMR) program

At the very early stage of establishing a team and planning in adopting River Melana, Skudai. Project initiated and lead by IWK and iPASA. Preliminary site survey of familiarisation of the site, Engagement with the local community any the way to move forward with FoMR.. Volunteers are most welcomed!For ideas and literally physical help during […]

UTM’s new Philosophy, Mission and Vision

New Amended: UTM Philosophy , Vision, Mission, Strategic Thrusts and Core Values

Flashback 2016: Earthwatch Borneo Expedition

Earthwatch.UK is an institute/ organisation that was, is and will always be close to my heart. One of the last programs in Borneo was in the year 2016, the last of being the Field Team leader and the last team of the season. It is indeed very sad as it sounds, however I do hope […]

Collaboration between Sabah Department of Irrigation and Drainage, University of Oxford, University of Kent, University of Lancaster,South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP) and UTM.

WORLD RIVER’S DAY CONFERENCE This 2 day conference highlighted  the many challenges in managing the scarce water resources in the state. The conference provides a strategic networking platform for all walks of life in-line with its theme “River – Source of Life” Picture: Mr.Miklin Ationg (Head,Water Resources Managememt Section, Department of Irrigation and Drainage Sabah), Dr Agnes […]

2nd Proceeding of Civil Engineering

We proudly present the second proceeding of civil engineering research work by our final year students in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at University Teknologi Malaysia in session 2016/2017. These students had undergone two semesters of final year project where literature reviews were carried out and proposals were prepared during the first semester while the […]

Soil Erosion: Field Measurement

The soil erosion rate is the loss of soil mass over time for a specific land area. Erosion is a natural process caused by wind, rain and moving water. Soil erosion affects farming, construction projects and homeowners living near rivers, oceans and on terrestrial slopes. Excessive erosion is often caused by human activities, such as […]

Water Leaders Forum 2017

 Water Leaders Forum 2017 (WLF 17) is a continuation of the Johor Water Sustainability Symposium 2017 which took place on August 7 and 8 2017, where local experts and agencies have been involved to formulate solutions to water issues in the State of Johor. In addition to creating an inspirational sharing and knowledge amongst the […]

Who Am I?

“She is determined, highly motivated and very eager to spread the environmental word. Malaysian Kogila Vani Annammala (‘Vani’) knows what she wants and doesn’t let anybody get in her way. ‘You don’t want to lose your dream because other people told you so.’ A portrait of an emerging scientist and Earthwatch Team lead” -@Elbers (Earthwatch […]