How to stay productive during second lockdown?

Family activity

  1. Indoor Activities with our kids. A good indoor game such as Chess.
  2. Cleaning activity : May be we were so busy with our works therefore we don’t have enough time to do cleaning. Allocate 1 hour to do cleaning. Start with 1 space like bedroom. Make sure all the cleaning job done before moving to another space. Take this lockdown to wash your curtain and bedspread.
  3. Watching television- there are good movie, take time to watch it.
  4. Baking- try to find a simple recipe. I am so sure there are a lot of recipes in Google for beginner. For those who are expert can share your recipe through Blog.
  5. Organise your wardrobe, laundry room and ironing room.

Spritual (for muslim)

  1. Khatam Quran : create whatapp group and take turn to recite al quran. Recite quran with family
  2. Listen to islamic programme
  3. Read islamic books

Daily lockdown Planning

Make sure we write our daily plan. Start our plan after subuh prayer write down everything you want to do from early to end. Do it everyday. Start your daily lockdown planning today.


  1. Plant – flower, herbs
  2. Clean your garage
  3. Painting your “OLD” gate
  4. Wash your car

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