positive reinforcement and fasting

Positive reinforcement refers to the introduction of a pleasant stimulus after a behavior. The stimulus reinforces the behavior, making it more likely that the behavior will reoccur in future. It’s a method used for a variety of purposes and in a wide range of contexts, as it capitalizes on the good behaviors that are already being displayed, rewarding the natural tendencies towards good behavior in the individual you are working to train. In the context of Ramadhan, Most parents are always try to encourage their children to fast. Parents can apply the principle of positive reinforcement in fasting training.

How positive reinforcement works?

Reinforce with praise . For example : Allah loves a fasting person and Allah loves you.

Reinforce with action : giving thumbs up. Hug your childs after Iftar and sahur

Reinforce with reward system : You can set up a reward system where you provide immediate reinforcement in the form of a sticker or token. Then, stickers and tokens can later be exchanged for bigger rewards. 2 sticker for one full day of fasting. 1 sticker for half day fasting and no sticker for no fasting. The stickers can be exchanged with story books, comics, toys or stationary