Master by Mixmode Students

  1. Abu Bakar Sadik Mustafa (2011-2013): The amplification of alpha globulin promoter (AsGlo1) and cloning into expression vector;Graduated (2013)
  2. Khairon Nisa Mahmud (2011-2013): The effect of plant growth regulators and amino acids on the germination of Melastoma malabathricum through tissue culture;Graduated (2013)
  3. Nor Asyidah Abd Manaf (MQ112080) (2012-2015): Biolistic-transformation of Malaysian rice;Graduated (2016)
  4. Nisha a/p P. Rajadran (MQ132029) (2013-2015): Callus induction and development of Malaysian upland rice cultivar Panderas; Graduated (2016)
  5. Afiqah Jamal (MQ132023) (2013-2015): Effect of plant growth regulators in plant regeneration of Malaysian upland rice; Graduated (2016)
  6. Ayooluwa Oyebisi (MMB152019) (2016-2017): Induction of in-vitro shoot and root of Moringa oleifera by modification of hormone; Graduated (2018)
  7.  Nur Syazwani Nasarodin (MMBT2025) (2020-2022). DNA barcoding analysis of Moringa fresh leaves and herbal products using rbcL and ITS2 barcode regions. Graduated (Graduated 2022)
  8. Anaheed Hussein Kareem (MMBT2020) (2020-ongoing).  PCR amplification, phylogenetic analysis and ITS1 secondary structure from medicinal plants, L. pumila (submitted).
  9. Nur Arina Afiqah Ismail (MMBT202029)( 2021-ongoing). The micropropagation of Moringa oleifera and antioxidant analysis
  10. Anisah Akhtar (MMBT202011) (2021-ongoing). Evaluation of mini DNA barcode for authentication of selected herbal medicinal products