Current Projects

  • 1.4.2020-1.3.2021 Project member, End to End Food Composting System. Budget approved RM65,000 (Technology Innovation Fund, UTM)
  • 1.6.2019-30.11.2020 Project Member, Portable Plant-Based Waste Composting Machine. Budget Approved RM20,000 (PRGS-ICC Fund)
  • 1.12.2018-30.11.2021 Project Leader, Generation of nuclear and chloroplastic DNA references for barcodes for Malaysia flora. Budget approved RM70,000.00 (TDRG-UTM)
  • 1.6.2017- 31.7. 2019 Project leader, Molecular identification and phylogenetic analysis to discriminate species in selected supplement herbal product of Kacip Fatimah. Budget approved RM 39,000.00. (GUP Tier 1)
  • 1.12.2018-30.11.2020 Project member, TDRG-UTM (34) My DNAmark: Nationwide genomic sequencing project for Malaysian species. Budget approved RM 200,00.00 (TDRG-UTM)
  • 1.12.2018-30.11.2020 Project member, Generation of complete metagenome references for Malaysia fauna. Budget approved RM70,000.00 (TDRG-UTM)