Master by Research Students

  1. Nur Azreen Saidon (MMB183022) (2019-ongoing). Generation of nuclear and chloroplstic DNA barcode references for Malaysia flora from National Park Endau-Rompin.
  2. Nur Fadhila Fadzil(MMB163003) (2016-2018); Profiling of adulterant in Tongkat Ali drink product using real time coupled with high resolution melting analysis. Graduated 2019
  3. Ng Ja Ming (MMBB153012) (2015-2019); Induction of callus and embryogenic characterization in Malaysian rice; Graduated Nov 2018
  4. Nur Hazwani Mohd Izham (MMB143042)(2015-2017); DNA extraction and authentication of herbal product by DNA barcoding, ITS2 gene. Graduated; February 2018
  5. Fauziah Illyas Ahmad (MQ123005) (2012-2015): Embryogenic potential from callus and suspension cell of Malaysian rice; Graduated; Nov 2015
  6. Nur Syafiqoh Johan (MQ123001) (2012-2015): Transformation of rice driven by potential of endosperm specific promoter and its expression through GUS gene; Graduated; Nov 2015
  7. Nur Saliha Abdllah@Zulkifli (MQ113003) (2011-2015): Characterization and cloning of antiporter gene for use in genetic transformation of rice (O. sativa L.); Graduated; Apr 2016