Online Debate Assessment (ULAB 3162)

Hi everyone. 

Have you ever wondered how can we conduct our debate assessment online?
This is how it is done.

Debate Title: How to increase work productivity during Covid-19.
Debate Type : Pitching-style Debate
Participants: Syafiq, Khariyati, Li Zhaohao & Megat Imran (ULAB 3162 Section 98)
Jury: Yours truly (but not featured in the recording) 

If you look at the video closely, identify how do they manoeuvred each point from constructing their arguments (Round 1), refuting (Round 2) to rebutting (Round 3), and finally they concluded their arguments. 

Team A - Developed a watch called #GETBACKTOWORK watch
Team B - Developed an app called #VERONICA  

Click here to view the video - *ULAB 3162 Online Debate

*Video posted with the participants' permission.