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Wan Adnan, W.N.A., Ibrahim, N.A., Haladin, N.B., & Wan Fakhruddin, W.F.W. (2019). Illness experience sharing on personal blogs: A case study of Malaysian breast cancer survivors. GEMA Online® Journal of Language Studies, 19(4), 28-47. (SCOPUS Indexed)

Hayisama, F., Ahamad Shah, M.I., & Wan Adnan, W.N.A. (2019). Rhetorical style across cultures: An analysis of metadiscourse markers in academic writing of Thai and Malaysian students. LSP International Journal, 6 (1), 19-37.

Wan Adnan, W.N.A. & Ibrahim, N.A. (2017). Information giving in Malaysian breast cancer survivors’ blogs. GADING Journal of Social Sciences, 20(2), 1-5.

Wan Adnan, W.N.A. & Mohammad Lotfie, M. (2017). The use of adverbials in the verbal production of Malay ESL learners: A processability approach. LSP International Journal, 4(1), 1–22.

Abdul Malek, N., Ibrahim, N.A., & Wan Adnan, W.N.A. (2016). Communication barriers between students and lecturers. LSP International, 3(2), 63-75.

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