Student Centred Learning (SCL) Practices

Student Centred Learning (SCL) Practices
Sem 2, 2019/2020 (Diploma)
Sem 2, 2019/2020 (Undergraduate)

Evidences of the SCL practices that I use in my classes.

  1. Active Learning

Active learning requires an active participation from students, their peers and instructor(s) when engaging in any learning process.

Evidence 1 – ULAB 1042 (Section 10)
Evidence 2 – ULAB 1042 (Section 07)

Lesson objective: Students are able to use reliable reading sources to support arguments for argumentative essays.

What are the students doing?
The students are actively discussing some of the vital points that they can use from the research articles they found. I also incorporate blended learning in this lesson as they need to use their mobile phones or computers to look for any online research articles.

Evidence 3 – ULAB 1042 (Section 07)

The students are doing impromptu group presentation. They are requested to present some of the evidences that they have found to support their arguments.  Then, their peers are to ask questions related to their presentation topic.

2. Role playing

Evidence 4 -Role playing

Another SCL practice that I use as my teaching approach is role playing. In some of the activities that I conduct in my ULAB 3162 classes, the students assume different positions at workplace context. For example, they are required to assume roles as subordinates or management team in which they are to conduct a negotiation. Students are given a situation, and based on the situation, they need to negotiate and come out with a group consensus. When given this kind of activities, I realise that each student has unique characteristics and potentials, and they are able to showcase their unique potential.

3. Service learning & Project-based learning

One of the courses that I teach this semester (Communication Skills – ULAB 2222) incorporates service learning and project-based learning as one of the learning practices. Based on the feedback from all students from Section 06, ULAB 2222, most of them agreed that the course has somehow taught them about real life communication and has changed their perceptions towards life. This is one of the many advantages of incorporating service learning and project-based learning as to achieve meaningful student learning practices.

Evidence 5 – ULAB 2222 Section 6 students carrying out the Feed the Homeless Project

In the future, I will continously incorporate other SCL activities in my classes and will ensure that the activities facilitate students’ learning experience.

TES 2021 : Self-reflection of teaching development over time and how this relates to future goals

  • Evidence of Flipped Classroom Approach for Language Learning Theories Course

Pre-class activity : On e-learning, students recalled previous semester’s course on SLA

Post-class activity: Based on the short lecture and informal active learning activities we did in class, students were asked to recall past experience in which they can associate them with the Behaviourist theory in language learning?

Effort to continuously improve my teaching approach and strategies

The experience of training colleagues to use technology in teaching has been translated into a technical report which can be retrieved from this link:

T&L Training by UTM (Wan Nur Asyura Wan Adnan)

Total hours of training as of 12 September 2021: 152.20 hours