MKKT 1013: Botany and Herbal Chemistry

Green, refreshing, & healthy ……


Botany: Botany is the science of plant life involving plant biology. A botanist, plant scientist or phytologist who specialises in this field.


Herbal Chemistry: Chemistry about the herbal plants, focusing on phytochemistry (plant derived chemical compounds) of herbs.


Botany and herbal chemistry is an interesting subject to further explore the essence of herbal plants in this tropical rain forest.

Why study plants ?

  1. Provide oxygen we breath.
  2. Provide ozone layer as UV screen
  3. Provide a diversity of foods (the only producer)
  4. Provide fiber (wood, paper, food)
  5. Provide fossil fuel.
  6. Provide medicine
  7. Provide latex, resin
  8. Provide essential oils
  9. Provide decoration
  10. Provide job.
  11. Provide many more……………..


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