Completed Projects

List of Projects (Project leader)

Apr 2011-Jun 2013 Research University Grant. (GUP 00H05)

Malaysian Honey Biomarker Discovery and Authenticity by Physical, Biochemical and Multi-elemental Analysis Combined with Chemometric Approach.


May 2012-April 2013 Research University Grant. (GUP 05J84)

Extraction, isolation and characterization of rutin as collagen synthesis promoting phytochemical from Kacip Fatimah.


Oct 2012 – Sep 2014   Natural Product Research Grant Scheme from Ministry of Agriculture (GUP 4H015).

Optimization, scaling up and establishment of herbal processing technology for the production of Angrographis paniculata (hempedu bumi) and Orthosiphon stamineus (Misai Kucing) standardized extracts.


Dec 2012-Dec 2014 Research University Grant. (GUP 05H45)

Bioactivity-guided fractionation of Malaysian honeys for anti-inflammatory compound(s) identification.


July 2013-June 2015  Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation grant (E-Science 4S067)

High throughput technology for identification of anti-inflammatory compound(s) from honey for wound healing application.


June 2013- May 2015 Ministry of Higher Education grant (ERGS 4L114)

Integration of smart phone and laboratory tool for physical, phytochemical and biological characterization of five (5) selected local herbal plants (Mas Cotek, Hempedu Bumi, Misai Kucing, keembung and Pegaga).


Feb 2014 – Feb 2015 Industrial project with Longevity Wellness Sdn Bhd. (04C046)

Peptide determination for edible bird nest samples.


Apr 2014- Mar 2016 Research University Grant. (GUP 05H90)

Plant proteins from Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali) by gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry.