Undergraduate Final Year Projects

  1. Norsazwani binti Abdul Halim (6 January 2012), AK080368, Degree: Chemical Engineering, Effect of temperatures on saponin content of ”Tongkat Ali” extracts.
  1. Farah Nuruliannah bt Dahli (17 June 2012), AK080375, Degree: Bioprocess Engineering, Spectrophotometric major sugar profile of honey samples from Malaysia.
  1. Nur Afidah bt Ibrahim (26 June 2012), AK080140, Degree: Bioprocess Engineering, Correlation of thermal treatment on hydroxymethylfurfural content for honey samples in Malaysia.
  1. Lim Shih Yi (2012/2013-1) (March 2013), AK 090086, Degree: Bioprocess Engineering, Modelling of total phenolic content contributes to antioxidant property of honey.
  1. Koo Sue Ling (2012/2013-1) (on March 2013), AK090073, Degree: Bioprocess Engineering, Kinetic modelling of heating temperature on HMF content in honey.
  2. Nur Farah Ain Binti Hamzah (2015/2016-II) , Comparison for Physiochemical Properties of Natural and Synthetic Honeys for Honey Authentication
  3. Nurafiqah Binti Ma’arof (2017/2018-I), Saponins of Hempedu Bumi
  4. Nur Ashikin binti Othman (2017/2018-I), HMF of honey
  5. Zulaika Bt Abd Malik (2017-2018-II), SKKB 3212
  6. Lee Yun Chee (2019-2020-I), A16KT0160, Comprehensive chemical characterisation of Musang King (D197)
  7. Chan Hui Peng (2019-2020-I), A16KT0052, Solvent based fractionation of bioactive compounds from Misai Kucing
  8. Ching Fung Chun (2019-2020-I), A16KT0065, Effects of pH and solvent composition for propolis extraction from stingless bees