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Intellectual Property | Dayang Norhayati Abang Jawawi

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Intellectual Property


1. A new web engineering method to develop multi-web application features in agile lifecycle, Filing number: PI 2018 001677 (Filling).
2. Component Based Analysis Patterns for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Software Development, Filing number: PI 2009 7025 (Granted).
3. An Agent Based Smart Wheelchair System Design Framework, Filing number: PI 2010 003724 (Filing).
4. A Method of Modeling Component Based Analysis and Design, Filing number: PI 2010 700051 (Granted).
5. Agent-oriented multi robot system, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Filing number: PI2008 4709 (Filing).


1. Copyright LY2018006364 – Survey of Acceptance for Architecture Design Decision Making Process in Autonomous Mobile Robots.
2. Copyright LY 2018006420 – Educational Robotics Feature Model.
3. Copyright 1JLD104/27.13/1JLD120 (74) – Performability Failure Awareness
Behaviour Meta-Model.
4. Copyright 1JLD104 (4) – ROBOTAR and ROBOKAR Library Support Routines.
5. Copyright 1JLD104 (20) – Modul Pengajaran Pengaturcaraan Robot dan Robokar.
6. Copyright 1JLD48 (20) – Code Generation Implementation Steps for Embedded Real-Time System Development.
7. Copyright – Component-Oriented Development Method for Embedded Real Time Software.

8. Copyright 157950 – Software Design Components for Behavior and Subsumption of Autonomous Mobile Robot Systems.
9. Copyright 157948 – Software Design Components for Input-Output and Sensor of Autonomous Mobile Robot Systems.
10. Copyright 157943 – Software Design Components for Motor Control of
Autonomous Mobile Robot Systems.
11. Copyright 157953 – Pengenalan Mudah Pengaturcaraan C.
12. Programming Technique I (C++) English-Malay-Lab Module, Filing number: TPI154106.
13. Programming Technique II (C++) English-Malay-Lab Module, Filing number: TPII154113.