PhD Students


1.Eglal Mohammed Khalifa Osman, “Interoperability Testing of a Secure Access Control Policy”, 2011 – now. (Main-Supervisor)
2. Falak Sher, “A Scalable Multi-Aspects Technique for Requirement Prioritization”, 2012 – now (Main-Supervisor)
3. Rooster Anak Tumeng, “Traceability Technique to Support Test Prioritization of Regressed Software”, 2017-now (Main-Supervisor).
4. Ako Abubakr Jaafar, “Interoperable Semantic Framework for Internet of Thing”, (Main-Supervisor).
5. Muhammad Khatibsyarbini Abd Rahim, “Toward Effective Clustering Test Case Prioritization for Regression Testing” Feb 2019-now. (Co-Supervisor).
6. Ayman Jalal Hasan Al Mutlaq, “An Improved Localized Software Effort Estimation Based on Missing Data Imputation and Feature Optimization”, Aug 2018-now. (Main-Supervisor).
7. Azlina Binti Narawi, “A Hybrid Approach for Rainfall Forecasting”, Oct 2019- now. (Main-Supervisor).
8. Huda Ghalib Ali Iskandar, “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Progression Prediction Model Based on Deep Learning”, Nov 2020-now. (Main-Supervisor)


  1. Rabatul Aduni Binti Sulaiman, “Cost-Effective Model-Based Test Case Generation and Prioritization for Software Product Line”, 2016 – 2020. (Main-Supervisor).
  2. Muhammad Dhiauddin Mohamed Suffian, “Software Defect Prediction Model For System Testing using Prior Phases Metrics”, 2017 – 2020. (Main-Supervisor).
  3.  Habibah Binti Ismail, “A weakly hard real-time scheduling analysis framework using genetic algorithm”, 2014 – 2019. (Main-Supervisor).
  4. Karzan Wakil, “Adaptive Model for Web Engineering Methods to Develop Multi Web Applications in Agile Environment”, (Main-Supervisor). 2014-2019.
  5. Muhammad Arif Shah, “Missing Data Imputation, Optimization and Localized Software Development Effort Estimation”, 2016 – 2019 (Main-Supervisor).
  6.  Muhammad Younas, “Agile Development in Cloud Computing for Eliciting Non-Functional Requirements”, 2016 – 2019 (Main-Supervisor)
  7. Mojtaba Raeisi Nejaddobuneh, “Hybrid and Dynamic Static Criteria Models for Test Case Prioritization of Web Application Regression Testing”, 2011 – 2018 (Main-Supervisor).
  8. Syed Rafaqat Hussain Shah Kazmi, “Multi-Objective Test Case Selection Technique for Regression Testing” , 2016 – 2018(Main-Supervisor)
  9. AbuBakar Elsafi Ali Ahmed, “Model-Based Integration Testing Technique using Formal Finite State Behavioral Models for Component-based Software”, 2011 – 2017. (Main-Supervisor)
  10. Adila Firdaus Binti Arbain, “Non Functional Requirement Traceability Model In Agile Software Development”, 2013 – 2016. (Co-Supervisor).
  11. Awad Ali Abdelrhim Omar, “Early Reliability Prediction Approach for Component-Based Software Systems”, 2012 – 2016 (Main-Supervisor)
  12. Abdelzhir Abdelmabaud Rahama Alnaour, “Architecture and Model to Improve Application Scalability and Performance of Federated Cloud”, 2011 – now. (Main-Supervisor)
  13. Shahliza Abd Halim, “Core Asset Variability Modeling Approach for Software Product Line Development”, PHD student, 2006 – 2016. (Co-Supervisor)
  14. Muhammad Imran Babar, “Framework for Stakeholder Quantification and Requirements Prioritization for Value-Based Software Development”, 2011 – 2015 (Co-Supervisor)
  15. Abid Mehmood, “Aspect-Oriented Model-Driven Code Generation Approach for Improving Code Reusability and Maintainability”, 2011 – 2014. (Main-Supervisor)
  16. Mohd Adham Isa, “Systematic Methodology for Estimation of System Reliability at Design Phase”, 2010 – 2013. (Main-Supervisor).
  17. Vahid Khatibi Bardsiri, “Localization of Software Development Effort Estimation Based on Classification of Projects”, 2010 – 2013. (Main-Supervisor).
  18. Muhammad Waqar Aziz, “Service-Oriented Analysis and Design Approach for Distributed Embedded Real-Time Systems”, 2009 – 2013. (Co-Supervisor)
  19. Alawi Abdullah Ahmad Al-Sakkaf, “Model Based Framework for Measuring Service Level Agreement Performance in Service Oriented Architecture”, 2008 – 2013. (Main-Supervisor).
  20. Siti Nurmaini, “Embedded Interval Type-2 Neuro-Fuzzy Controller in Mobile Robot Navigation with Weightless Neural-Network”, 2008 – June 2011. (Co-Supervisor)