Project – MOSTI (Science Fund) 2013-2015

Component-based Software Engineering Approach for Automated Embedded Precision Farming Systems

1 March 2013 – 28 Februari 2015 (2 Years)
Extension : 30 November 2015 (9 Months)

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Malaysia) – (MOSTI)
By Science Fund


Complexity in software development is an ongoing issue due to the customer’s demands on innovative system functionalities that also causes the software size to increase. Software system is also an important element in Precision Farming (PF) to allow the processing of collected data and to assist in decision-making. PF software system consists of modules for data acquisition, data collection, recording of data, sophisticated data processing, decision-making, complex data computations, and repository management. PF software system is constructed based on the software architecture that is designed according to the given PF software development requirements. Software architecture is a systematic structure that contains software components and description of their external properties and definition of relationships among them. Component-based software engineering (CBSE) can be the suitable way in providing reuse attributes so that the PF software can be built not from scratch but instead, from the existing components.
However, in order to help the software engineers to further reduce the efforts and complexity in software development of PF software systems, the methods with systematic processes which consider the reusable architecture and the reusable software components in CBSE is not properly studied and proposed in PF domain. Therefore, this proposal is intended to develop a new approach for developing embedded software in PF domain. This project will study Malaysian PF system software, as proposed in the Agriculture National Key Economic Areas (NKEA), and study the rational procedures and strategies for determining software application requirements on localized basis. This can be used as the input for the CBSE approach to design the standard software architecture and reusable software components which match with local PF requirements.


(i) To analyse Precision Farming (PF) requirements and identify software components which are potential to be reused across PF domain.
(ii) To devise suitable software architecture to support Component-Based development of distributed embedded system for PF.
(iii) To develop a Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE) approach based on an enhanced component-oriented programming framework for PF.
(iv) To experimentally evaluate and measure the performance of the approach on a developed distributed embedded system prototype