Project – FRGS 2009-2011

A Scheduling Analysis Framework For Predicting The Weakly Hard Real-Time Tasks Performance

14 August 2009 – 13 August 2011 (2 Years)

Ministry of High Education (MOHE)
By Fundamental Reserach Grantt Scheme (FRGS)

Picture FRGS 2009-2011

A weakly hard real-time specification is a new generation real-time systems that can tolerate some degree of missed or losses deadlines occasionally but missing deadlines has to be stated precisely. The problem with traditional real-time systems is in hard real-time systems, it is very restrictive because all the tasks must meet their deadlines. Meanwhile, in soft real-time systems, it is too relaxed because no guarantees can be given to the deadlines either it is met or missed. The aim of this research study is to provide a scheduling framework based on the suitability of scheduling algorithm for predicting the weakly hard real-time tasks performance. The weakly hard specification models were studied and the best fit specification was integrated into the proposed framework. The mapping issues between the modeling profile used in the specification and the scheduling algorithms concepts in the framework were illustrated to assist future researchers in developing new scheduling tools or to select suitable tools.