Transdiciplinary Research Grant (TDR) Vot 06G25 (RM240,000) “UTM-TDR 7: Innovation Platforms and Digital Healthcare for Patient Engagement and Assessment of Care”, Dec 2018 – May 2021 (2 years 6 months). [Sponsor: Research University fund, UTM Transdisciplinary Research Grant]

The emergence of the technology-driven services and analytic applications have spread and are rapidly being deployed in the domain of the healthcare. However, an existing situation suggested that the current implementation is individually developed, therefore, the innovation platform and digital healthcare initiative for the above technology-driven services of the healthcare should be deemed necessary, while the analytics applications prevail in healthcare industry gradually. The proposed innovation platforms for digital healthcare is expected to promote and implement the digital and technology-driven applications for healthcare communities efficiently. In this program, an innovation platform for digital healthcare is proposed to enhance a clinical service with a technology-driven to support patient engagement and assessment with the purpose to empower the healthcare ecosystem through health information and analytics. This program can be realized by the inclusion of the 4 projects; 1) Project 1, innovation architecture for patient navigation program, 2) Project 2, innovation communication for non-contact heart rate monitoring, 3) Project 3, innovation assessment for psychiatric patients monitoring and 4) Project 4, innovation engagement for personalized patient care plans. These projects construct a two main pillars, which are patient engagement and patient assessment. At the end, an innovation platform for digital healthcare will be realized and can be embedded with the various patient assessment program such as cancer treatment, diabetes and any related critical disease