Why a Postgraduate Student Need to Write Research Paper?

Improve reading skills It helps you in developing reading for critical evaluation not just for the purpose of knowledge. It helps develop reasoning skills as you read any article or book to collect sources for your research paper. Good … [Continue reading]

Finish Your Dissertation Writing? How about Abstract?

Ensure the followings points when write your abstract: Motivation. Why do we care about your research?Problem statement. What problem are you trying to solve?Approach. How do you find the solution to the problem?Results. What is the solution that … [Continue reading]

Research Limitations

Concerns: When discussing limitations in research, explain how they impact your findings because creating their short list or description is not enough. Your research may have many limitations.Research limitations in a typical dissertation may … [Continue reading]

Go to Viva

What is a VIVA PRESENTATION? -An oral exam in which you defend your thesis either Master or PhD. -It's a focused discussion giving you the opportunity to present your Master/PhD thesis and and then defend it in front of a panel of academic … [Continue reading]

Finding/Result and Discussion (Chapter 4)

Introduction to the chapter - remind the reader what your research questions were i. in a qualitative study you will restate the research questions; ii. in a quantitative study you will present the hypothesesA transition from Chapter 3 … [Continue reading]

Data Analysis Software

SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) - is a statistical analysis platform that offers options to use either the GUI, or to create scripts for more advanced analyses. It is a premium solution that is widely used in business, healthcare, and human … [Continue reading]

Preparing a Research Proposal

To prepare a research proposal: Provide an outline of the general area of study within which your research fallsRefer to how much is currently known about the topicHighlight any recent debate or conversation around the topic by other … [Continue reading]

The Meaning of Validity

Validity is defined as the degree of agreement between the claimed measurement and the real world. There are four categories of validity test, namely: Content validity - Seeks to answer the question of whether the current test covers all … [Continue reading]

Population and Sampling Frame

A population is the entire group that you want to draw conclusion about. A sampling frame is a list of all the items in your population. The specific group that you will collect data from. The size of the sample is always less than the total size … [Continue reading]


Probability sampling: Simple random sampling - It is reliable method of obtaining information where every single member of a population is chosen randomly, merely by chance. Each individual has the same probability of being chosen to be a part of … [Continue reading]