Qualitative vs Quantitative vs Mixed Methods

Degree of predetermined nature: Quantitative - Predetermined; Mixed - Both predetermined and emerging methods; Qualitative - Emerging methods Questions: Quantitative - Instrument based; Mixed - Both open- and closed-ended; Qualitative - … [Continue reading]

Sample Size

How to decide the research sample size? Choose an appropriate significance level (alpha value). An alpha value of p=.05 is commonly used. This means that the probability that the results found are due to chance alone is 0.05, or 5%, and 95% of the … [Continue reading]

Definition of the Scope of Study

The scope of a study explains the extent to which the research area will be explored in the work and specifies the parameters within the study will be operating. Basically, this means that you will have to define what the study is going to cover … [Continue reading]

Guidelines for Writing The Scope of The Study

Time period: While writing the scope of the study the researcher should first mention or state categorically the time periods the study will cover. Generally, the researchers combine the scope of the study with the limitation of the … [Continue reading]

Narrative/ Traditional LR

Steps: Conduct a search - The published scientific literature is indexed in a variety of databases. Search these databases of studies. It is important to search numerous databases to ensure that the majority of relevant studies have been … [Continue reading]

Research Paper or Review Paper?

Research Paper VS Review Paper: Purpose: In a research paper, author/s intent to conduct and report a detailed, original research study. It present the author's unique investigation of a specific research question. While in a review paper, … [Continue reading]

Literature Review in General

A literature review is an assessment of sources in the chosen topic of research. It is a critical summary of all the published works on a particular topic. It is a overview of current knowledge, identify relevant theories, methods and gaps in … [Continue reading]

A Good Literature Review (Steps)

Step 1: Search for relevant literature Broaden your search area; Reflect RQ Review a number of texts that most closely pertain to your topic and position Wraps up with a clear thesis statement Step 2: use the right keywords Search … [Continue reading]

What is Research Problem Statement?

Transform general problem statement to a specific problem statement.Catch your reader's attention quickly to the issues that your proposed project will address and providing the reader with a concise statement of the proposed project itself.Clearly … [Continue reading]

Introduction vs Literature Review

Introduction is at the beginning of a text while literature review is located after the introduction or background. Introduction is the part that introduces the main text to the readers while literature review critically evaluates the existing … [Continue reading]