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UTM Educational Goals

UTM Educational Goals

As an academician, I need to be aware and embrace the educational goals set by the institution.  UTM has a holistic goals. So, what are the UTM Educational Goals? Here I list the UTM Educational Goals which were set by the UTM. These goals are rooted on four key...


Farhan is the Director of the Department of Emergent Computing and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Computing UTM. He currently holds the position of Secretary for IEEE Computer Society Malaysia. He is a fellow at the MaGICX UTM, an IEEE Senior Member and a lifetime member of ACM MyHCI-UX Malaysia. Farhan was a 2017 -2018 100 ACM Global Practitioner Advisory Committee member. In 2017, he participated in the Leaders in Innovation Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering United Kingdom. Previously, Farhan was appointed as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at MaGICX Sdn. Bhd. (2015-2017).

Education: Farhan received his PhD in Computer Science (Data Visualisation) from Swansea University in 2014. Farhan received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with the Excellence Student Award by Juita-UTM in 2003. He has been working on Web Performance Optimization for his Master of Science study. The work received a Gold award at the Malaysian Technology Expo 2006 and a Gold award at the International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva, in 2006. Currently, his work focuses on digital branding, gamification, data visualisation and augmented and virtual reality. His research interests broadened to include visual analytics, human-computer interactions, virtual environments, and procedural computer graphics.


Dr Farhan Mohamed




Research Fellow (MaGICX UTM)



Academic and Professional focus area:

Visual Analytics

Data Visualisation. Finding new insights out of Data. Data visualisation helps on exploring the data, analyse some statistics, or to present and information.

Focus areas are Scientific visualisations (medical informatics and DNA visualisation) and Information visualisations.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Human Computer Interaction is a field where User Experience (UX) is emphasised. New interaction technologies and IoT allowed human to interact and be more integrated with computers thus increase the interactions between us and machine.


Digital Branding

Digital Branding covers vast area of digital communications from web systems, social media platforms to digital presence. Currently hashtag plays crucial role in tagging these social interaction and will be around for a while. Hashtag #iamUTM #UTMmyhome

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