Researcher & Lecturer at Perdana Policy Centre of Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics.

Deputy Director at Islamic Centre UTMKL

Deputy Head of Politics and Governance Research Group

Research Fellow (Law and Constitution) at Centre of Research for Fiqh, Science &Technology (CFiRST) & UTM Ocean Thermal Energy Centre (OTEC).

University of Technology Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Campus, Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, 54100 Kuala Lumpur. Call: (603) 2615 4634, (6013) 6669 669. Email:

Research Interest: Constitutional Law, Electoral System, Islamic Law, Integrity Policy, Cyber Policy, Law and Ethic in Project Management



PhD in Law. 2013. International Islamic University Malaysia (Thesis: Free and Fair Elections: The Constitutional Framework in Malaysia)

Master in Law. 2000 National University of Malaysia (Thesis: The Expansion of Federal Power under the Federal System in Malaysia)

Bachelor of Laws (Shariah) (LLB (Shariah)) (Hons). 1998 International Islamic University

Bachelor of Laws (LLB.) (Hons). 1997 International Islamic University Malaysia



  • Member of Committee for Enhancement of Terengganu State Legislative Assembly (2018-now)
  • Head of Working Group for Human Rights, National Da’wah Council of Malaysia. (2017-2018)
  • Member of Transformation of Islamic Law Panel, National Da’wah Council of Malaysia. (2017-2018)
  • Member of Technical Committee of National Consultation Committee on Political Finance (JKNMPP-Jawatankuasa Konsultasi Nasional Mengenai Pembiayaan Politik) (2015-2016).
  • Member of Technical Committee for Shariah Criminal Law (Federal level) (2016-2018)
  • Member of Selangor Standing Committee for Islamic Affairs (Jawatan Kuasa Tetap Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Selangor) (2016-2018)
  • Certified Speaker for Islamic Teaching (tauliah), Council for Islamic Affairs for Federal Territory.
  • Columnist for Berita Harian.
  • Best Columnist 2014, Majalah Al-Ustaz.
  • Excellence Service Award UTM 2003 & 2015.


  • Data protection policy for Secured and Decentralized Sharing of Medical Data. (UTM TDR Tier 2 PY/2018/03276, 2018-2021 (leader)
  • Assessing The Implementation Of First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) System Under The Concept Of Free And Fair Elections In Malaysia. (UTM GUP Grant Tier 2 PY/2017/00471) 2017-2018 (leader)
  • Governance for disaster risk reduction: Constitutional and Legal Aspects of Disaster Response and Management (KPM: FRGS/1/2015/SSI10/UTM/02/1) 2015-2016 (leader)
  • Laws Relating to Corruption in Government Tender Management and Procurement and its Implementation in Malaysia: An Analysis from the Perspective of Islamic Ethics (UTM Encouragement Grant PY/2014/01814), 2014-2015 (leader)
  • The Independence and Professionalism of the Election Commission (UTM Potential Academic Scheme PY/2013/00831), 2013-2014 (leader)
  • Research-based Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture Entrepreneurship (Smart Rural) – Politik Ekonomi (UTM Innovation and Commercialisation – UTM.J.14.01/27.15/1/4/3/147(10)) 2017 (co-leader)
  • A Fundamental Study 0f Value Propositions and Value Co-Creation Towards Sustainable Development of Green Hotel Industry (KPM: FRGS/1/2016/SS01/UTM/02/7) 2016-2017 (member)
  • The Phenomenon of Extremism Among Muslim Society in Malaysia (UTM RUG Collaboration with UTHM PY/2016/06341) 2016-2018 (member)
  • The Regulatory Framework on The Implementation of Ocean Thermal Energy-Driven Development Within Malaysian Waters (FRGS/1/2015/SSI10/UTM/01/1) 2015-2017 (member)
  • Cultural Aspects of Malaysian Shariah Index (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) 2015 (member)
  • Social Aspects of Malaysian Shariah Index (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) 2015 (member)
  • Policy and Academic Advancement for a Knowledgeable Workforce- Public and Private Sector Response to Incentives in Raising Academic Standards of Employees (UTM RUG Encouragement Grant PY/2014/03764) 2015-16 (member)
  • ‘Consumption’ From The Islamic Viewpoint: How Do Epicureanism And Global Consumerism Affect Muslim Buyers’ Consumption Pattern? (UTM RUG Encouragement Grant PY/2014/02027) 2014-15 (member)
  • Web Based Syariah Compliance Chicken Slaughtering Process for Online Monitoring and Enforcement (UTM Flagship PY/2014/02858) 2014-16 (member)
  • Social and Environmental Impact of Government Policy Initiatives for Development of Kampong Bharu (UTM Flagship PY/2014/01542), 2014-2016 (member)
  • Pusat Penjagaan Bayi Tak Sah Taraf (UTM RUG Tier 2 PY/2011/01266), 2011-2012 (member)

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