Kajian Pemantapan Dewan Undangan Negeri Terengganu (UTSB, Project No. 144321) 2018-2019 (leader)

Data protection policy for Secured and Decentralized Sharing of Medical Data. (UTM TDR Tier 2 PY/2018/03276 (leader)

Assessing The Implementation Of First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) System Under The Concept Of Free And Fair Elections In Malaysia. (UTM GUP Grant Tier 2 PY/2017/00471) 2017-2018 (head)

Governance for disaster risk reduction: Constitutional and Legal Aspects of Disaster Response and Management (KPM: FRGS/1/2015/SSI10/UTM/02/1) 2015-2016 (head)

Laws Relating to Corruption in Government Tender Management and Procurement and its Implementation in Malaysia: An Analysis from the Perspective of Islamic Ethics (UTM Encouragement Grant PY/2014/01814), 2014-2015 (head)

The Independence and Professionalism of the Election Commission (UTM Potential Academic Scheme PY/2013/00831), 2013-2014 (head)

Cultural Aspects of Malaysian Shariah Index – Phase 2 (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) 2016 (PY/2016/08026) (member)

A Fundamental Study 0f Value Propositions and Value Co-Creation Towards Sustainable Development of Green Hotel Industry (KPM: FRGS/1/2016/SS01/UTM/02/7) 2016-2017 (member)

The Phenomenon of Extremism Among Muslim Society in Malaysia (UTM RUG Collaboration with UTHM PY/2016/06341) 2016-2018 (member)

The Regulatory Framework on The Implementation of Ocean Thermal Energy-Driven Development Within Malaysian Waters (FRGS/1/2015/SSI10/UTM/01/1) 2015-2017 (member)

Cultural Aspects of Malaysian Shariah Index (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) 2015 (PY/2015/05627) (member)

Social Aspects of Malaysian Shariah Index (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) 2015 (PY/2015/05627) (member)

Policy and Academic Advancement for a Knowledgeable Workforce- Public and Private Sector Response to Incentives in Raising Academic Standards of Employees (UTM RUG Encouragement Grant PY/2014/03764) 2015-16 (member)

‘Consumption’ From The Islamic Viewpoint: How Do Epicureanism And Global Consumerism Affect Muslim Buyers’ Consumption Pattern? (UTM RUG Encouragement Grant PY/2014/02027) 2014-15 (member)

Web Based Syariah Compliance Chicken Slaughtering Process for Online Monitoring and Enforcement (UTM Flagship PY/2014/02858) 2014-16 (member)

Social and Environmental Impact of Government Policy Initiatives for Development of Kampong Bharu (UTM Flagship PY/2014/01542), 2014-2016 (member)

Pusat Penjagaan Bayi Tak Sah Taraf (UTM RUG Tier 2 PY/2011/01266), 2011-2012 (member)