Microbiomes of biohydrogen production from dark fermentation of industrial wastes: current trends, advanced tools and future outlook

We recently published a review on the microbiomes of biohydrogen production from dark fermentation of industrial wastes, with a special focus on palm oil mill effluent. Read the review at this link (open-access).


Biohydrogen production through dark fermentation is very attractive as a solution to help mitigate the effects of climate change, via cleaner bioenergy production. Dark fermentation is a process where organic substrates are converted into bioenergy, driven by a complex community of microorganisms of different functional guilds. Under‐ standing of the microbiomes underpinning the fermentation of organic matter and conversion to hydrogen, and the interactions among various distinct trophic groups during the process, is critical in order to assist in the process optimisations. Research in biohydrogen production via dark fermentation is currently advancing rapidly, and various microbiology and molecular biology tools have been used to investigate the microbiomes. We reviewed here the different systems used and the production capacity, together with the diversity of the microbiomes used in the dark fermentation of industrial wastes, with a special emphasis on palm oil mill effluent (POME). The current challenges associated with biohydrogen production were also included. Then, we summarised and discussed the different molecular biology tools employed to investigate the intricacy of the microbial ecology associated with biohydrogen production. Finally, we included a section on the future outlook of how microbiome‐based technologies and knowl‐ edge can be used effectively in biohydrogen production systems, in order to maximise the production output.

Reference: Dzulkarnain et al. 2022. Microbiomes of Biohydrogen Production from Dark Fermentation of Industrial Wastes: Current Trends, Advanced Tools and Future Outlook. Bioresources and Bioprocessing. 9(16). 1-25. DOI: 10.1186/s40643-022-00504-8

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