Master Students

Main Supervisors

1.Hazlina Junoh-(Graduated in 2016)- The development of SPEEK/Cloisite
nanocomposite electrolyte membrane by electrospinning

2.Nor Azureen binti Mohamad Nor -(Graduated in 2016)-  Photocatalytic membrane for waste water treatment

3.Mohamad Fahrul Radzi bin Hanifah -(Graduated in 2016)-Preparation of new membrane electrode
assembly by electrospinning

4.Nik Nurdhiya binti Nik Mustofar-(Graduated in 2016)- The study of the adsorption behavior of  polymer-inorganic membrane for direct methanol fuel cells

5. Muhammad Taufiq bin Salleh -(Graduated in 2017)- The Durability Study Of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Operating System Incorporated With Speek/Cloisite 15a®/Tap Mebrane

6. Nor Elyzawerni binti Salim -(Graduated in 2018)- Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol Using Immobilized Graphitic Carbon Nitride Doped Polyvinylidene Fluoride Membrane

7.Nurafidah binti Arsat -(Active)-Graphene oxide coated thin film composite forward osmosis membrane for desalination

8.Nor Syahida binti Mat Anan Active Photocatalytic membrane for wastewater treatment

10.Nurul Natasha Mohammad Jafri -(Active)- Superhydrophili surface macromolecule modified PDVF-TiO2 hollow nanofiber
photocatalytic membrane for BPA removal


Master Student by Mixed-mode (Co-Supervisor)

1.Mohamad Saufi bin Rosmi -(Graduated in 2012)- Preparation and characterization of graphene oxide/SPEEK membrane for hydrogen fuel cell

2.Hamid Ilbeygi -(Graduated in 2012)- Evaluation of different operating conditions on  DMFC performance with nanocomposite


Master Student by Research (Co-Supervisor)

1.Siti Erlyane Binti Rosli -(Graduated in 2014)- Study of voltage & current characteristics of sulfonated polyetheretherketone/Cloisite membrane for direct methanol fuel cell application

2.Farah Syuhada Binti Abdul Halim -(Graduated in 2014)- Preparation and properties of reduced graphene oxide for direct methanol fuel cell application

3.Mohamad Azuwa bin Mohamed -(Graduated in 2015)- Cellulose doped TiO2 anatase/rutile mixed phase nanocomposite membrane for degradation
of water pollutants under UV and visible

4.Norfadhilatuladha binti Abdullah -(Graduated in 2016)-  Preparation of PVDFTiO2HNT nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane for removal of heavy

5.Norsyazwani Binti Yahya -(Active)- Photocatalytic membrane for EDC removal from pharmaceutical wastewater