Reviewer of Journal/Conference

Reviewer of Journal/Conference

ISI-Indexed Journal

  1. Reviewer Polymer Engineering & Science Journal
  2. Reviewer Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
  3. Reviewer Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering
  4. Reviewer Journal of Membrane Science
  5. Reviewer Materials Research Express
  6. Reviewer Nanotechnology
  7. Reviewer International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
  8. Reviewer International of Polymer Science
  9. Reviewer Journal of Water Process Engineering
  10. Reviewer Journal of Cleaner Production
  11. Reviewer Hazardous Material
  12. Reviewer Journal of Power Sources
  13. Reviewer Chemical Engineering Journal
  14. Reviewer Separation and Purification Technology

SCOPUS-Indexed Journal

  1. Reviewer Jurnal Teknologi
  2. Reviewer Journal of Water and Processing Technology

Non-Indexed Journal

  1. Reviewer Journal of Applied Membrane Science & Technology


  1. Reviewer for Full Paper and Abtract Regional Conference on Environmentally Sustainable Technology (RCET2017)
  2. Reviewer for Full Paper and Abtract Asia Power and Energy Engineering Conference 2018 (APEEC2018)
  3. Reviewer for Full Paper and Abtract The 9th Regional Conference on Chemical Engineering (RCCHE2016)
  4. Reviewer for Full Paper and Abtract 5th International Conference on Material Science and Engineering Technology (ICMSET 2016)
  5. Reviewer for Full Paper and Abtract 12th International Conference on Membrane Science & Technology 2015 (MST 2015)
  6. Reviewer for Full Paper and Abtract submitted to The 5th International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Science and Humanity (IGCESH 2013)