P.h.D Students

Main Supervisor

  1. Nuha binti Awang – (Graduated in 2017)-  Exfoliated polymer-inorganic nanocomposite membrane by electrospinning
  2. Nuor Sariyan Suhaimin – (Graduated 2019)- Development of Graphene Oxide Polymer Membrane Hybrid for Low Temperature Fuel Cell Application
  3. Nur Hashimah binti Alias – (Graduated 2020)- Treatment of hydrocarbon in oil field produced water using graohitic carbon nitride nanofibers coated on ceramic photocatalytic membrane
  4. Nor Azureen Md. Nor – (Graduated 2020)-Development of quartenized chitosan anion exchange membrane for alkaline fuel cell application
  5. Jashiela Wani binti Jusin -(Active)- Preparation, characterization and performance evaluation of modified graphene oxide/polyethersulfone hybrid separation membrane for desalination
  6. Masaud Azhar -(Graduated 2021)- SPEAK compoiste membrane for MFC application
  7. Wan Noor Ezianti  Wan Mohd Noral Azman-(Active)– SPEEK-epoxidized natural rubber membrane for direct methanol fuel cell application
  8. Mohamad Fahrul  Radzi -(Graduated 2021)- Development and performance of novel RGO/Pd/TiO2 nanocomposite catalyst based membrane electrode assemble for direct menthanol fuel cell application
  9. Nur Shazrynda binti Shahrodin -(Active)- Preparation and characterization of PVDF membrane containing superparamagnetic Fe3O4/TiO2 nanoparticles for wastewater treatment
  10. Siti Aishah binti Muhmed -(Active)- Microcrystalline Cellulose Membrane reinforced Boron Phosphate functionalized Nanoparticles for Proton Exchange Fuel Cell
  11. Hazlina Junoh -(Graduated 2021)- Preparation and performance of metal organic framework membrane for fuel cell applications
  12. Alisha Bandsee Benny -(Active)- Graphitic carbon nitride/bacterial cellulose photocatalytic nanofiber membrane forpharmaceuticals in manucipal wastewater treatment under visible irradiation.
  13. Komathi A/P Kannathasan-(Active)- Graphitic carbon nitride hollow nanofiber incorporated translucent fluoride photocatalytic membrane for oilfield produced water treatment.


1. Siti Munira bt. Jamil – (Graduated in 2017)-Single-Step Preparation of Micro-Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using Co-Extrusion/Co Sintering Technique

2.Noor Izyan Syazana binti Mohd Yusof -(Graduated 2019)- Characterization and properties of graphene oxide reinforced collagen/silk fibroin prepared by electrospinning for tissue engineering application

3.Nurafiqah binti Rosman -(Active)-Incorporation of N-doped zinc oxide (ZnO) in polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membrane
matrix: Integration of Membrane Filtration and photocatalytic

4.Sazreen binti Shahrin– (Active)-Membrane for Wasterwater treatment

5. Nazerah binti Ahmad -(Active )-Preparation and performance of antibacterial
 properties membrane for wastewater treatment

6.Imran Ullah Khan-(Graduated 2019)- MOF based dual layer hollow fiber membrane

 7.Syarifah Noor Syakiylla -(Active)- Preparation, characterization and performance of quaternary ammonium polysulphone based membranes for bipolar polymer membrane fuel cells

8.Norfadhilatuladha binti Abdullah -(Active)- Membrane Technology for heavy metal removal from industrial wastewater