CFD of Ship Maneuvering Motion (Y2021-2023)

CFD validation and assessment of ship maneuvering motion in waves (shared with Dr Hidayat, Dr Izwanne, Dr Nik and Dr Hazmil OpenFOAM) – joint research with Hiroshima’s team. ( also with Liverpool’s – depend on the research visit 15th Sept – 22 Oct 2022)

Objectives research:

  • to validate CFD against experiment (EFD) for ship maneuvering motion in waves.(next stage)
  • to embark to new area of research for fluid – ship interaction. The effect of heat (thermal fluid) for ship resistance, and after that effect of of heated ship hull on the ship maneuvering. This is very new, however experimentally proven if the outer part of the ship’s hull can be maintain at 100 deg C, then reduction in drag(friction) of ship can be observed.

Last week, talked with Dr Izwanne on the thermodynamic and heat waste treatment part.

Latest, in communication with Ryusuke Okuda-san, he is one of PhD students (Hiroshima University, Japan) that currently conducting purely experimental works for several speeds, and several ship model size. The experiment collection data currently happening from Sept 2022 – Nov 2022. The Hiroshima’s team is currently agree to “trade” the experiment data.

For the above reason, papers as follows can be used for references:

  1. My journal paper (Amirul) – Experiment results
    Title : Study of ship turning in irregular waves

2. CFD’ s paper. Citing Amirul’s paper above. <– This is for Dr Hidayat’s copy

3. Additional (latest) journal paper by KRISO, Korea teams on experiment of ship maneuvering motion. Use the same model : KVLCC2 tanker ship.


4. Another paper, on assessment CFD for ship maneuvering motion. ( using OpenFOAM)

5. There are some more papers, will be uploaded later.

The overall mind mapping also will be drawn. In construction.

6. Link of one research institute in Korea


7. Paper from Harbin’s team – using two time scale and potential flow approach. TEBET.

Title :
Numerical Study of Wave Drift Load and Turning Characteristics of KVLCC2 Ship in Regular Waves Based on TEBEM

8. Paper
False Bottom Effect On the Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on Ship Hull During an Oblique Test and Countermeasures, MASHCON conference. May 2022, UK.

9. Paper

Extensive experimental investigation of shallow and confined-water effects on the manoeuvring forces of 110m inland ship


10. Paper

11. Paper

12. Paper