PhD students

No Year Nama Status Title
1.        2009-2013 Shehu Muhammad Graduated Framework of Indicators for Socially Sustainable Academic Buildings in Higher Education Institutions
2.        2009-2014 Nurul Syakima Mohd Yusof Graduated Framework of measuring school facilities performance that influence teaching and learning.
3.        2011-to date Suleiman Aliyu Shika Graduated


Post Occupancy Evaluation for Commercial Building.
2011- to date Muhammad Nazim bin Alias Ongoing Assets Management For Non-Market Goods In Malaysia. “A Conceptual Framework In Assessing The Monetary Value Of Heritage Building.
5.        2012- to date Zulkhairi Bin Abdul Aziz Ongoing Development of service requirement indicator for public building.
6.        2012- to date Hariati Binti Abdullah Hashim Ongoing PPP framework for healthcare facilities.
7.        2012- to date Ahmad Firdauz Bin Abdul Mutalib Ongoing Facilities management knowledge decision criterion.
8.        2012- to date Zafirah Binti Ab Muin Ongoing Sustainable framework for Mosque facilities management.
9.        2012- to date Mohd Mukhlis Jaya Bin Abdullah Ongoing User Centered Performance Management Model
10.     2013- to date Anthony Adjei-Twum Ongoing Behavioral approach in energy efficiency
11.    2015 – to date Siti Mariyam Binti Abd Razak Ongoing Asset Management Recovery Framework for Affected Flood Area
12.     2014 – to date Rohimah Khoiriyah Bt. Mohd Arifin Harahap Ongoing