Completed Projects

  1. Understanding Erosion Threat On Desaru Beach, Johor (RM91,000) in 2016-2018; Member (FRGS)
  2. Oil Spill Modelling at Coastal Waters of Johor Straits (RM 39,400.00) in 2017-2018; Project Leader (RUG)
  3. Kajian Fisibiliti untuk membangunkan Kg Permata, Pontian sebagai Kawasan Pelancongan (Waterfront) (RM36,500) in 2016-2017; Project Leader (IISJ)
  4. Feasibility Study on Waterfront development at Pontian to become a tourist attraction area. (RM36,500) in 2016-2017; Project Leader (IISJ)
  5. Pattern of Soil Suction and water uptake by grass (RM 20,000.00) in 2016-2017; Member (RUG)
  6. Pemetaan dan pengawasan tumpahan minyak, sampah sarap dan bahan buangan kapal dagang (RM 38,600.00) in 2016-2017; Member (IISJ)
  7. Assessment of mangrove habitat and river shoreline erosion due to boat generated wave and sea level rise (RM207,000) in 2016; Member (TRGS)
  8. Estuary sedimentation of sungai Johor (RM30,000) in 2015-2016; Project Leader (RUG)
  9. Control of turbidity currents to reduce reservoir sedimentation using obstacles (RM74,700) in 2015-2016; Project Leader (FRGS)
  10. The Migration of Mangrove Shoreline in Response to Sea Level Rise (RM100,000) in 2015-2017; Project Leader (FRGS)
  11. Research Project On Hydrodynamic Simulation Within Port Limit Of Port Of Tanjung Pelepas And Establishment Of Johor Port Authority (Tanjung Pelepas)Marine Data Centre (Mdc)(Jpa)(Tp)(Mdc) (RM1,400,000.00) in 2015-2016; Member (Private Grant: Johor Port Authority)
  12. Long Term Analysis of Tidal Range, High Tides and Selected Estuarine Water Level in East Coast of Malaysia (RM70,000.00) in 2015-2016; Member (FRGS)
  13. Systematic rainfall estimation by the integration of ground- and satellite-based measurements (RM139,800.00) in 2015-2016; Member (FRGS)
  14. Aftermath of flood disaster: sediment fingerprinting study in upper sg kelantan basin (RM109,120.00) in 2015-2016; Member (TRGS)
  15. An exploratory study of river water treatment using different adsorbents for the removal of recalcitrant organic compounds, nutrients and oil and grease (RM50,000) in 2015-2016; Member (RUG)
  16. Influence of seasonal groundwater table level variation and monsoonal climate on swash-zone sediment transport (RM127,000) in 2014-2016; Member (FRGS)
  17. Parameterization of zero plane displacement and aerodynamic roughness length over tropical region using remotely sensed data (RM91,000) in 2014-2015; Member (FRGS)
  18. The study of the mechanism of adsorption and characterization of natural clinoptilolite, crushed cockle shell and fly ash as natural river treatment (RM84,000) in 2014-2015; Member (FRGS)
  19. Density current dynamics over sloping bed (RM20,000) in 2014; Project Leader (RUG)
  20. Coastal erosion studies of the east coast and vulnerable small island regions of peninsular Malaysia (RM199,800) in 2012-2013; Member (Science Fund)
  21. Flow mechanism in two stage straight mobile bed (RM20,000) in 2012-2013; Member (RUG)
  22. Erosion and accretion in the swash region (RM50,000) in 2013; Project Leader (RUG)
  23. Modelling wave propagation in coastal area (RM20,000) in 2012; Project Leader (RUG)