Completed Projects

  1. Experiment on drainage system using eco – composite in porous concrete for urban stormwater management (RM40,000) in 2019-2020; Project Leader (Contract Research DTD) R.J130000.7651.4C246
  2. Oil Spill Modelling at Coastal Waters of Johor Straits (RM 39,400.00) in 2017-2018; Project Leader (RUG) Q.J130000.2522.17H85
  3. Kajian Fisibiliti untuk membangunkan Kg Permata, Pontian sebagai Kawasan Pelancongan (Waterfront) (RM36,500) in 2016-2017; Project Leader (IISJ) Q.J130000.2522.14H97
  4. Estuary sedimentation of sungai Johor (RM30,000) in 2015-2016; Project Leader (RUG) Q.J130000.2422.03G02
  5. The Migration of Mangrove Shoreline in Response to Sea Level Rise (RM100,000) in 2015-2017; Project Leader (FRGS) R.J130000.7822.4F607
  6. Control of turbidity currents to reduce reservoir sedimentation using obstacles (RM74,700) in 2015-2016; Project Leader (FRGS) R.J130000.7822.4F687
  7. Density current dynamics over sloping bed (RM20,000) in 2014; Project Leader (RUG) Q.J130000.2522.09H06
  8. Erosion and accretion in the swash region (RM50,000) in 2013; Project Leader (RUG) Q.J130000.2622.07J10
  9. Modelling wave propagation in coastal area (RM20,000) in 2012; Project Leader (RUG) R.J130000.7722.4P035
  10. Mangrove Knowledge Transfer for Sustainable Economic Development (MAKTSED) (RM62,887) in 2019-2020; Member (Networking Grant) S.J130000.7609.4X447
  11. Reduction of the Impact of Oil Palm Expansion on Climate Emissions (RM20,000) in 2019-2020; Member (OTR) R.J130000.7309.4B384
  12. The Formation and Influence Of Sandbars Due To Varying Of Flow and sediment In Vegetated Channel (RM73,500) in 2018-2020; Member (FRGS) R.J130000.7851.5F089
  13. Feasibility Study on Energy Saving and Significant GHG Emission Reductions by Dissemination of Refrigerant Leakage Prevention Technology Using Ultrasonic Detection System and IoT in Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (RM91,687.50) in 2018-2020; Member (International – Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley) R.J130000.7651.4C205
  14. Investigation of the 3-Dimensional Flow Field and Hydraulic Stability of Seawater Intake Structure (RM106,000) in 2017-2019; Member (FRGS) R.J130000.7809.4F979