Internal Examiner

1. Name: Zainudin Ngadiran
Research title: Background Losses Reduction by Excessive Pressure Cut-off
Session: 2013
Degree: Master
2. Name: Ali Reza Yasi
Research title: Effect of wave attenuation of a submerged porous breakwater
Session: 2012
Degree: Master mixed mode
3. Name: Mazlin Jemain
Research title: Flood Hydraulics in Riparian Vegetated Mobile and Non-Mobile Bed Straight Channels
Session: 2017
Degree: PhD

External Examiner

1. Name: Nurhazirah Binti Mustaffa (UTHM)
Research title: Performance of Grassed Swale as Stormwater Quality Control in Lowland Catchment Area
Session: 2017
Degree: Master
2. Name: Nor Azimah Binti Marimin
Research title: Development of Flood Evacuation Center and Access Route by using GIS Along Sembrong River Area
Session: 2018
Degree: Master