Current Projects

      1. Experiment on drainage & curbs system using composite porous concrete for urban stormwater management (RM50,000) in 2020-2022; Project Leader (Others – industry grant from MBSA) R.J130000.7351.4B584
      2. Development of innovative porous curb and drain system (RM10,000) in 2020-2021; Project Leader (IIIG) Q.J130000.3051.02M04
      3. Modification of Bead Adsorbents with Ceramic Sanitary Ware Waste (CSWW) and Chitosan for Laundry Greywater (LGW) Safe Disposal (RM84,200) in 2020-2022; (Networking Grant); S.J130000.7351.4X591
      4. Application of coastal protection structure for mangrove rehabilitation & rejuvenation of west coast Johor. Case study: tanjung labuh, batu pahat, johor (RM19,000) in 2020-2021; (Networking Grant)
      5. Understanding the pattern of tropical mangrove sapling projection under climatic variation (RM95,700) in 2019-2021; Project Leader (FRGS) R.J130000.7851.5F153
      6. Erosion of Riparian Vegetated Stream Banks Due to Bifurcation and Confluence of Channel (RM87,200) in 2020-2022; Member (FRGS) R.J130000.7809.5F313
      7. The Influence of Morphological Changes on Freshwater Salinization Profiles in a Meandering River (RM144.800) in 2020-2023; Member (FRGS) R.J130000.7851.5F420
      8. UTMIcon 5.2: Modeling of future saltwater intrusion and initiatives for water resources security (RM118,950) in 2020-2023; Member (UTM RA ICONIC GRANT) Q.J130000.4352.09G76
      9. The impact of climate change on the flood hazard and risk in Kota Bharu, Kelantan (RM56,000) in 2020-2022; Member (UTMER) Q.J130000.3852.19J74
      10. Marine Coastal and Delta Sustainability for South East Asia (MARE) (RM345,266) in 2020-2023 (Contract Research) R.J130000.7651.4C353
      11. Benthic habitat mapping for Redang Marine Park (RM10,000) in 2020-2021; Member (IIIG) Q.K130000.3056.02M02
      12. SUB KTP-RIG 2020 : Pemerkasaan Pengetahuan Dan Kesedaran Komuniti Terhadap Hutan Paya Laut Dan Pembangunan Ekonomi (RM10,000) in 2020-2021; Member (Networking Grant) S.J130000.7609.4X574