Current Projects

  1. Experiment on drainage system using eco – composite in porous concrete for urban stormwater management (RM40,000) in 2019-2020; Project Leader (Contract Research)
  2. Reduction of the Impact of Oil Palm Expansion on Climate Emissions (RM20,000) in 2019-2020; Member (OTR)
  3. The Formation And Influence Of Sandbars Due To Varying Of Flow And sediment In Vegetated Channel (RM73,500) in 2018-2020; Member (FRGS)
  4. Modelling Thin-Walled Circular Orifice Flow Under Partially Submerged Conditions With Tailwater Effects (RM50,000) in 2018-2020; Member (RUG)
  5. Feasibility Study On Energy Saving And Significant GHG Emission Reductions By Dissemination Of Refrigerant Leakage Prevention Technology Using Ultrasonic Detection System And IoT In Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning (RM 91,687) in 2018-2020; Member (International CR – Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley)
  6. Investigation Of The 3-Dimensional Flow Field And Hydraulic Stability Of Seawater Intake Structure (RM 106,000) in 2017-2020; Member (FRGS)
  7. Investigating the performance of Hydrocheese as a sustainable Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) (RM48,500) in 2017-2019; Member (RUG)
  8. Transference from Crime Scene to Forensic Evidence: Linking Land-use, Erosion, Sediment and Quantitative Evaluation of Erosion in Kelantan River Basin, Malaysia (RM476,970) in 2016-2020; Member (International Grant – Rasmussen Family Foundation)