Kill the cockroaches safely and effectively

cockroachIf you see a cockroaches at home, do not kill the cockroach by beating it because the bowels of cockroaches very dangerous.

Cockroaches have small worms in their stomach that can live even outside of the cockroaches body (stomach). When this worms were out of the stomach, they will move to find a new place.


bahaya-cacing-kecoa This worms are very dangerous when our body until it touches the skin (especially feet) as it can get in through the pores of the skin or any open sores on the external skin.


How to kill cockroaches?


Avoid to beat the cockroaches. Avoid to use the normal insect repellents because they contain toxic chemical ingredient such as DEET. Then how to kill the cockroaches? There are options for non-toxic insect repellent that safe to be used such as Sol-u-guard.

This product can kill the cockroaches within 15 seconds after spraying directly. However, the cockroach must be flipped over immediately after the first spray and spray again its abdomen.

It is not only kill the cockroaches easily and effectively by using this product, but also safe the environment without toxic chemical exposure, and avoid us from cancer.



How to manage your time during an exam?

WatchOne of the most important thing that need to be tackled for all exams is the time management to answer the questions within the period of time given. Nobody can help if you not have enough time for the unanswered questions yet. Consequently, the mind focus for answering the questions might be distracted and lead to a panic situation.

Here are some tips on how to control your time during an exam being held. This actually contributes to achieve a good result besides good preparation and revision of the subject.


(1) Get the total period of time given on the front page of question paper.

(2) Take about 5 minutes to get an overview of the entire questions to start planning to answer.

•   Format of question: True / False, objective question, structured question, essay question.

•   Parts of question.

•   Marks for each part and questions.

(3) Allocate time for each question. The basic rule is 1.5 minutes for 1 mark.

•   True/False, Objective questions: For example, 20 questions for 20 marks. So, the time needed is 30 minutes only.

•    Structured and essay questions: For example, a question for 15 marks. So, the time needs to be allocated is roughly 22.5 minutes.

(4) Always start with the objective questions first before answering the structured questions.

(5) Proceed answering the next question after finished the current question without wait the allocated time expired. If stuck at any particular question, go to another question without wasting the time.

(6) After all questions have been viewed, back to the beginning of the question and go directly to the unanswered questions again within the remaining of the time available.

(7) Last but not least, always see the clock after answering each question so that the time is under control.


Tips for university’s student attending an exam

All students will always attend for at least two exams in a semester for each subject registered. It is very important for students to know what to do before, during and after the exam. This is not only for the new student but also applicable for the senior students as well.

Based on the experience been teaching in the Faculty of Computing, UTM since 2000, here are some useful tips can be practiced by students as a good guideline in attending an exam.

Before the exam:

(1) Know the exact date and time the exam will be held.

(2) Know actual location of the exam hall. If not sure, try to find the place a day before the exam day.

(3) Prepare all  the stationery needed for the exam. Please bring at least 3 ballpens and pencils, an eraser. Highlighter might also useful. Some of the exam need a calculator.

(4) Bring along a jacket or sweater in case you need it during the exam. Some cases, the temperature of the exam hall is too cooled.

(5) Make sure you arrive at the exam hall 30 minutes before it start.

(6) No discussion or study 30 minutes before the exam start to avoid panic.

(7) Makesure bring a watch/clock. It is recommended to use an analog clock so that easier to control the answering time.


During the exam:

(8) Make sure to set your phone in silent mode or switched off, and put in your bag. (also off the alarm set)

(9) Stop talking and keep listening to the instruction by examiner.

(10) Once you are allow to open the question script instructed by the examiner, check for all printing pages.

(11) First thing to write is all required information such as your name.

(12) Answer all questions within the period of time given. How to manage your time during an exam?

(13) Raise up your hand for any help about any question whenever needed only.

(14) Check all answers if you have time left before the exam end.



Some amazing illusions

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