Record your attendance via iHadir

The system of iHadir can only be accessed inside the UTM campus once you have successfully login into the UTM Central Authentication Service (CAS).

How to generate a CAR (Course Assessment Report) in a simple way?

To proceed with this, consider that you have all the clean data (complete marks), and you have an account to login the OBE system.

Additional tips for step (10), make sure that all data in your excel file are arranged in columns that exactly based on the sequence of assessments in step (7).

How to get dental treatment?

(1) Download the form for dental treatment.

(2) Fill in the form with:

  • Staff Name
  • Staff Number (ID)

(3) Go to the dental clinic with the form.

(4) Pay the bill and get the official receipt with reference number.

(5) Claim the bill.

[How to claim the dental treatment?]

How to claim dental treatment?

You need to:

(1) Fill in the online form to generate the claim reference number.

(2) Attach the original receipt produced by the clinic at the bottom part of the form nicely.

(3) Submit the complete form (the claim reference number, approved with signature and stamp of the clinic) to office.


Here are the steps to fill in the online form:


Once completed the online form, copy the claim reference number generated and write it to the printed form as shown below, highligted with the red colour font:

How to check student’s timetable?

It is not easy to find student’s free timetable within the whole week. Sometimes we need to change the time slot to another convenient time slot and need to discuss with the student. In order to make it without the student, you can use the timetable system to check the student’s timetable and much easier to find the free slots.

How to do it? Please refer to here, prepared by Miss Marina.

How to do the Course Meta Link in e-Learning UTM?

Are you teaching more than a section for a single subject? Then you have to manage the same materials and contents of the subject for each section in the elearning UTM. Actually you can save your time by manage only a single section. What you need to do is by merging or inserting the other section into the section you want to manage. In e-learning UTM, this function can be done by a function call “Course Meta Link”.

Here are few steps how to do it.

(1) The first thing you need to do is to login your elearning account.

(2) Choose the section you want to manage.

(3) Then follow all the steps below.