PhD students


Main Supervisor

No Name Status



Title Date
1 Khairunesa bt Isa Graduated The impact of leadership styles on organization performance : A survey in Kastam D’Raja Malaysia 2013
2 Mohd Nasir Markom Graduated A study on PLKN

trainers competency profile

3 Elham AliAkbar Graduated The role of social capital on on  knowldge sharing behaviour


4 Nor Saidi Nasir Graduated The influence of organizational culture as mediator between talent management and employee


5 Zulkifli Muhammad Graduated Effectiveness of competency based training at Technical Academy Telekom Malaysia 2017
6 Aam Aminingsih Jumhur (UTM) Graduated Influence of Organizational Culture as mediator between manufacturing startegy, human capital and innovation with competitive advantage. 2017
7 Nurshamshida bt MdShamsudin ((UTM) Graduated Safety Training Effectiveness through virtual

reality simulation.

8 Duan Wei Hua Graduated Impact of HR Elements on Women Leadership Performance 2018
9 Ramita bt Abdul Rahim Graduated Knowlegde Management and 2019
10 Jamsari bin Atan Graduated Leadership and Organization al Performance through employee Competency 2020
11 Noor Haslinda Harun Graduated Talent Management, Employee Engagement and Leadership Development 2020
12 Siti Amirah Othman Graduated Linking employee engagement towards individual work performance through human resource management practice 2020
13 Farahana Misni Passed  Viva Voce The influence of talent management on students employability skills 2020
14 Abdal Rahman Al Awad Osman On Going The application of Leadership Development Practice (LDP) in Safat Industry Sudan 2020
15 Nor Lela Ahmad On Going The influence of norms and values towards public green practices. 2020
16 Mohd  Izdihar bin Omar On Going The influence of organizational culture in mediting between strategic human resource management and organizational performance 2020
17 Ahmad Farid Amin On Going The effect of organizational networking and strategic human resource management on employee performance 2020
18 Azizi Mohd Noor On Going Impact Of Mobile Learning On Digital Culture Knowledge And Behaviour Among TM Employees 2020
19 Syamillah Musa On Going Factors Influencing First Pregnancy Mother Decision Making on Vaccination Acceptance 2020
20 Azimah Masri On Going Developing obesity intervention to improve obese and overweight children self-efficacy. 2020
21 Kartina Abdul Latiff On Going Exploring human resource practice role in banking digital transformation 2020
22 Raha Khalafi On Going The influence of  entrepreneurial orientation and institutional support on women entrepreneurs’ business performance 2020

PhD Co Supervisor

No Name Status (Graduated/


Title Date
1 Aida A. Aziz Al-Arimi (UTM) Graduated Moderating Effect of Islamic Work Ethics in the relationship between knowledge management capabilities and organizational performance 2017
2 Shah Iskandar Fahmie Ramlee


Graduated The influence of

HRD practices on lean services practices and

performance of SME

3 Azah Abdul Kadir Graduated Integrated  Management System in Oil and Gas Industry 2017
4 Ibrahim Bader Alharbi Passed Viva Voce Relationships Between Organizational Culture, Management Control System and Organizational Innovation” 2020