PhD students

Roya Koochak Entezar (December 2009). Mental Health and Its Influencing Factors among Iranian and Malaysian Mothers of Mild Intellectually Disabled Children in Special School. Main Supervisor. (Graduated)

Reza Nazeri (July 2010). Enhancing Academic Achievement by Intrinsic Motivation, Self-Concept and Self-Determination. Main Supervisor. (Graduated)

Sumaya Mohamed Saleh (January 2011). A Phenomenological Study of the Converts Cognitives and Religious Experiences. Main Supervisor. (Graduated)

Zalina Mohd Tahir (January 2011). Prestasi Kemahiran Pengurusan Kokurikulum Guru Penasihat Sekolah Menengah di Malaysia Berdasarkan Penilaian Dokumen Polisi. Co-Supervisor. (Graduated)

Wardatul Aishah Musa (February 2012). The Extra-Curricular as a mediating factor in the Development of Islamic Personality Among the Muslim Youth in Malaysia. Main Supervisor. (Graduated)

Elna Herawati Che Ismail (September 2012). Psychological approach in managing Muscular Dystrophy patients in Malaysia. Main Supervisor.  (In Progress)

Mohd Afifuddin Mohamad (October 2012). Ruqya Spiritual Method as a Therapeutic Intervention Medium inDepression and its Effect in Treatment. Main Supervisor. (Graduated)

Mustafa Tekke (December 2012). Development & Validation of Islamic Personality Inventory. Co-Supervisor (IIUM student). (Graduated)

Nurul Ain Ahmad (April 2018). Exploring the Relationship between Level of Knowledge and Practice in Personal Data Handling among Banks in Malaysia. Main Supervisor. (In Progress)

Fazni Mat Ariffin (April 2018). Negotiation Approach in the Proposed national Halal Policy Making Process. Main Supervisor. (Graduated)

Yuzlina Mohd Yusop (April 2018). Individual Participation in Waste Separation and Recycling Practices among Household in Kuala Lumpur. Main Supervisor. (In Progress)

Ruslan Anwar Md Salleh (Februari 2018). Main Supervisor. (In Progress)

Muhammad Abdullahi (October 2018). National Policy on Education and the Technical Vocational Education Training in Nigeria. Main Supervisor. (In Progress)

Norizan Sulong (November 2019). A Phenomenological Study on International Student Withdrawals from Malaysian Higher Institutions to Universities in Northern Cyprus. Main Supervisor. (In Progress)