I started my education in the field of Economy. I graduated from the Economics Faculty of the International Islamic University Malaysia. At postgraduate studies, I studied for my masters degree at the Education Faculty of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Educational Psychology. At doctoral level, I was trained by an eminent professor, the late Professor Dr. Hasan Langgulung who functioned as my main supervisor in the area of Islamic Psychology. He was 72 years old then. Two other experts, Professsor Dr. Nik Ahmad Hisham Ismail are expert in Social Psychology and Professor Dr. Mohamad Sahari Nordin, an expert in Research Methodology and Psychometric Methods joined the supervising team. The composition of the supervising team allowed me to learn from the best. Their international academic standing and reputation provided me with inspiration and motivation. As a result, my hard work paid and I was rewarded with the Best Ph.D Student Award by the International Islamic University Malaysia in its Convocation Ceremony.
I believe that academic excellence must be continuously nurtured as a tradition and passed down as legacy to my students. I firmly hold that excellence means integrity and this is also the value that I share and pass down to my students.