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M.B. Rosly, N. Jusoh, N. Othman, H.A. Rahman, R.N.R. Sulaiman, N.F.M. Noah (2020), Stability of emulsion liquid membrane using bifunctional diluent and blended nonionic surfactant for phenol removal, Chemical Engineering & Processing: Process Intensification, 148 (2020) 107790. (IF : 3.031)

R.N.R. Sulaiman, H.A. Rahman, N. Othman, M.B. Rosly, N. Jusoh, N.F.M. Noah (2019), Extraction of reactive dye via synergistic Aliquat 336/D2EHPA using emulsion liquid membrane system, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, 37 (2020), 141-150. (IF : 2.476)

N. Jusoh, R.N.R. Sulaiman, N. OthmanN.F.M. Noah, M.B. Rosly, H.A. Rahman (2019), Development of Vegetable Oil-Based Emulsion Liquid Membrane for Downstream Processing of Bio-Succinic Acid, Food and Bioproducts Processing 119 (2020) 161-169. (IF : 3.324)

R.N.R. Sulaiman, N. Jusoh, N. Othman, N.F.M. Noah, M.B. Rosly, H.A. Rahman (2019), Supported liquid membrane extraction of nickel using stable composite SPEEK/PVDF support impregnated with a sustainable liquid membrane, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 380 (2019) 120895 . (IF : 7.650)

R.N.R. Sulaiman, N. Othman, N. H. Harith, H.A. Rahman, N. Jusoh, N.F.M. Noah, M.B. Rosly (2019), Phenol recovery using continuous emulsion liquid membrane (CELM) process, Chemical Engineering Communications, (Published online: 22 Oct 2019). (IF : 1.431)

N.F.M. Noah, R.N.R. Sulaiman, N. Othman, N. Jusoh, M.B. Rosly (2019), Extractive continuous extractor for chromium recovery: Chromium (VI) reduction to chromium (III) in sustainable emulsion liquid membrane process, Journal of Cleaner Production, (Published online: 6 Nov 2019) article no: 119167. (IF : 6.395)

H.A. Rahman, N. Jusoh, N. Othman, M.B. Rosly, R.N.R. Sulaiman, N.F.M. Noah, Green formulation for synthetic dye extraction using synergistic mixture of acid-base extractant, Separation and Purification Technology, 209 (2019) 293-300. (IF : 3.927)

M.B. Rosly, N. Jusoh, N. Othman, H.A. Rahman, N.F.M. Noah, .N.R. Sulaiman, Effect and optimization parameters of phenol removal in emulsion liquid membrane process via fractional-factorial design, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 145 (2019) 268-278. (IF : 2.795)

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