Technical Reports and Other Publications


  • Selectice Emulsion Liquid Membrane of Silver from Liquid Photographic Wastes, PhD Thesis,2006.
  • Stability Analysis of Water in Fuel Oil in Water Emulsion System, Final Report FRGS Vot. 78042.
  • Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study of Simultaneous Extraction and Stripping Process of Silver using Cyanex 302. Final Report FRGS Vot. 78102.
  • Numerical Modeling of Coupling Flow and Cake Formation in Filtration Process, Final reportRMC Vot 71570.
  • Selective Extraction of Silver from Photographic Waste. Final report RMC Vot 71208
  • Nickel Recovery From Spent Catalyst, Final Report RMC Vot 61787.