Phd students


  • Mohd Bukhari bin Rosly: Title: Recovery of Cadmium from e-waste using Liquid membrane Process, 2019 -2023. Main Supervisor.
  • Norul Fatiha binti Mohamed Noah: Title: Removal of Chromium from Electroplating Wastewater using Contiuous Green Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process, 2015-2019. Main Supervisor.
  • Raja Norimie binti Raja Sulaiman: Title: Development of Supported Liquid Membrane for Nickel Removal and Recovery Performance from Electroplating Wastewater, 2016-2019. Main Supervisor.
  • Norela binti Jusoh: Title: Palm Oil based Emulsion Liquid Membrane Formulation for Succinic Acid Extraction Performance, 2012-2017. Main Supervisor.
  • Ooi Zing Yi: Title: Recovery of Lignin from Pulping Wastewater using Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process (ELM), 2011-2015. Main Supervisor.
  • Nor Zanariah Safiei: Title: Progressive Freeze Concentrator Prototype for Preservation of Phenolic Content in Grape Juice, 2011-2016. Co-Supervisor.
  • Aziatul Niza Sadikin: Title: Lignocellulosic Fiber Media Filters As a Potential Technology for Primary Industrial Wastewater Treatment, 2008-2014. Co-Supervisor.