Completed Projects


  1. Kinetic study of synergistic blended liquid membrane formulation for phenol removal (2017-2019), FRGS Grant (Project leader).
  2. Fabrication of Speek-PP Membrane with Immobilized Green Liquid Membrane for Chromium Removal from Electroplating Wastewater (2016-2018), RU Grant (Project Leader).
  3. Performance and stability of palm oil based liquid membrane in removal of phenol from aqueous waste solution (2015-2017), RU Grant (Project Leader).
  4. Green Palm oil-based Emulsion liquid membrane formulation for metal removal from wastewater (2014-2016), FRGS (Project Leader).
  5. Vegetable Oil-Based Emulsion Liquid Membrane Formulation for Reactive Dye Removal from Wastewater (2014-2016), RU Grant (Project Leader).
  6. Selective Extraction of Succinic Acid from Fermentation Broth with Emulsion Liquid Membrane Purification (2013-2014), RU Grant (Project Leader).
  7. Liquid Membrane Formulation for Precious Metal Removal from Liquid Semiconductor Waste (2012-2013), RU Grant (Project Leader).
  8. Recovery of liqnin from spent liquor using emulsion liquid membrane process, (2011-2013) RU Grant (Project leader)
  9. Kinetic and Thermodynamic studies of reactive Dye Extraction In Simultaneous Extraction and Stripping Process, (2011-2013), FRGS (Project Leader).
  10. Water Purification and Recovery of Dyes from Batik Waste Industries using Emulsion Liquid Membrane Process, (2009-2010), Science Fund Vot 79336 (Project Leader).
  11. Selective Emulsion Liquid Membrane Extraction of Silver from Photographic Waste Industries, (2002 – 2005), IRPA Vot 74032 (Member)
  12. Kinetic and Thermodynamic Study of Simultaneous Extraction and Stripping Process of Silver, (2007-2009), FRGS, Vot 78102. (Project Leader)
  13. Stability Analysis of Water in Fuel Oil in Water (W/O/W) Emulsion System, (2007-2009), FRGS, Vot 78042. (Project Leader)
  14. Mechanism of a Charge-Coupled (CCD) Sensor on Particles’ Characterization using Tomographic Techniques, (2007-2009), FRGS, Vot 78038 (Member)
  15. Selective Extraction of Precious Metals from Semiconductor waste (1999-2001), IRPA Vot 72157 (Member)
  16. Numerical Modeling of Coupling Flow and Cake Formation in Filtration process, (2000 – 2001), RMC Vot 71570. (Project Leader)
  17. Selective Leaching of Silver from Semiconductor Waste, (1999 – 2000), RMC Vot 71470 (Project Leader)
  18. Selective Extraction of Silver from Photographic Waste, (1997 – 1998), RMC Vot 71208 (Project Leader)
  19. Nickel Recovery From Spent Catalyst, (1997 – 1998), RMC Vot 61787 (Project Leader)
  20. Analysing the Flow-Consolidation Behaviour of Filter Press, (1994 – 1996), RMC (Member)
  21. Zeolites as Natural Gas Adsorbents, (2002 – 2007), IRPA Vot 74512 (Member)
  22. The Production of High Purity of Water Via Pervaporation Separation Using Chitosan Based Membranes, (2000 – 2002), IRPA Vot 72162 (Member)