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I am Dr. Nur Najahatul Huda Binti Saris, a senior lecturer at the Division of Communication Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru, Johor. My research interest is related to waveguides, device fabrication, optoelectronics, optical communication, integrated optics, optical sensor, and water security.

Feel free to contact me at:

Dr. Nur Najahatul Huda Binti Saris
Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
81310 UTM Johor Bahru,
Johor Darul Ta’zim, Malaysia.
Primary Email: nurnajahatulhuda@utm.my
Secondary Email: nurnajahatulhuda@fke.utm.my
Room: P19a-05-06-00

You may find my resume here.

UTM Blended Learning Reporting System 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving education landscape, blended learning has emerged as a powerful approach that combines the best of traditional teaching methods with the flexibility and innovation of online learning.

A new chapter in pedagogical innovation has dawned as Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) introduces the revamped Blended Learning Reporting System for 2023. This advancement is a tribute to the diligent UTM lecturers who have embraced active blended learning and are making a mark in the education landscape.

The gateway to this transformative endeavor can be found at https://caps.utm.my/caps/. This digital pathway opens doors to a realm where educators are duly acknowledged for their instrumental role in shaping active blended learning initiatives. As an academic staff, you may log in using your email and staff number.

New Interface of UTM Blended Learning Reporting System

The UTM Blended Learning Reporting System serves as a platform to present your contributions to active blended learning. To get your certificate for The Award of Excellence, you need to comply all the way up to blended level 5 in UTM@E-Learning. It is marked by the active index, course outline, resource, activity, and assessment that you set in the UTM@E-Learning. You may refer to the picture below.

For the Semester 20222023-2, I received two certificates for the Award of Excellence in recognition of my valuable contribution to both Sections 4 and 5 for the course of Electromagnetic Field Theory.

Anyway, just to let you know from this system, you also could find your previous certificates from the blended subject records throughout your career as a lecturer at UTM. You can refer to mine below.

I personally feel that the Award of Excellence signifies more than recognition; it symbolizes a dedication to progressive educational practices. It’s a badge of honor that academic staff can wear with pride, showcasing their commitment to nurturing cutting-edge learning environments. Additionally, it acts as a motivational catalyst, inspiring awardees to continuously explore new dimensions of teaching and learning.

Amid the ever-evolving academic landscape, the UTM Blended Learning Reporting System and the Award of Excellence stand as symbols of appreciation for academic staff who are shaping the future of education. Whether you’re an educator or an advocate of academic progress, the UTM Blended Learning Reporting System offers a platform to contribute to this educational journey.

Embrace the opportunity – you might just uncover new horizons of education excellence!

Majlis Bersama Naib Canselor UTM – Ogos 2023

Hari ini, pada 1 Ogos 2023, sebuah majlis berprestij telah berlangsung di Dewan Sultan Ismail, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Johor Bahru. Majlis ini sangat istimewa, kerana ia merupakan Majlis Bersama Naib Canselor UTM yang diadakan bersempena dengan sambutan bulan kemerdekaan peringkat universiti.

Yang Berbahagia Profesor Dato’ Dr Ir Ahmad Fauzi bin Ismail, Naib Canselor UTM, telah menyampaikan beberapa amanat yang memberi kesan mendalam kepada seluruh hadirin. Beliau memfokuskan perbincangan kepada tiga aspek penting, iaitu sikap, budaya, dan prestasi kerja yang berintegriti, yang kesemuanya amat penting untuk mencapai matlamat dan pencapaian UTM. Amanat beliau mengingatkan bahawa warga UTM perlu menjadi insan yang berintegriti, jujur, dan bertanggungjawab dalam setiap tindakan kita.

Salah satu peringatan yang sangat berkesan adalah untuk menjauhi sikap fitnah memfitnah sesama kita. Beliau menggariskan bahawa hanya dengan membetulkan niat dan meningkatkan hubungan sesama warga UTM, kita dapat mencapai keharmonian yang sejati di dalam kampus ini.

Satu lagi berita yang sangat menggembirakan adalah prestasi kecemerlangan UTM secara keseluruhannya. Ranking dunia UTM telah meningkat daripada #203 ke #188 pada tahun ini, mencerminkan usaha dan kesungguhan warga universiti dalam mencapai keunggulan akademik. Kecemerlangan ini juga diperakui dengan pencapaian ranking pertama #1 seluruh dunia bagi SDG 7 (Sustainable Development Goal 7) dan #39 bagi SDG 9 oleh UTM.

Di samping itu, pencapaian yang paling menarik perhatian dalam majlis tersebut adalah pelancaran “UTM Virtual Lab” atau Makmal Maya UTM. Sebagai universiti pertama yang membangunkan Makmal Maya di Malaysia, langkah ini menandakan pencapaian cemerlang dalam teknologi dan inovasi pendidikan. Melalui Makmal Maya UTM, para pelajar boleh melakukan eksperimen dan mempelajari konsep tanpa perlu menghadiri makmal fizikal atau menggunakan bahan-bahan yang mahal. Dengan bantuan teknologi grafik komputer, animasi, bunyi, dan elemen interaktif, pembelajaran menjadi lebih menarik dan memuaskan.

Kemudahan akses kepada Makmal Maya UTM juga merupakan salah satu kelebihannya. Ia membolehkan para pelajar untuk belajar dan mengeksplorasi ilmu dalam masa dan ruang peribadi masing-masing. Ini akan memberi kelebihan kepada para pelajar yang ingin menguruskan masa mereka dengan lebih fleksibel, tetapi tanpa mengurangkan kualiti pembelajaran yang diperoleh.

Secara keseluruhannya, intipati Majlis Bersama Naib Canselor UTM – Ogos 2023 menggambarkan kematangan dan kesungguhan UTM dalam mencapai keunggulan akademik serta memberikan pengalaman pembelajaran yang terbaik kepada para pelajarnya. Oleh itu, mari kita terus sokong dan memberi dorongan kepada UTM dalam usaha mereka untuk terus maju ke hadapan.

Semoga kita akan terus bersemangat dan terinspirasi untuk mencapai impian kita masing-masing. Sebagai warga pendidik di UTM, marilah kita bersama-sama memperbaiki diri dan berusaha untuk mencapai prestasi yang terbilang.

Selamat berjuang, warga UTM!

Supervisory Development Adventure: My AS102 Experience at CTLD

Hey there fellow academics and aspiring PhD supervisors!

Today, I’m super stoked to share my recent escapade at the Supervisory Development Program AS102, which went down at CTLD from 3rd to 5th July 2023. Trust me, this journey was nothing short of an academic rollercoaster, and I’m here to spill the beans about all the goodies I picked up during this intense crash course.

First things first, let me tell you, I was all nerves stepping into this program. The thought of being responsible for molding the minds of budding PhD students seemed both thrilling and terrifying at the same time. But hey, I put on my brave face and dove headfirst into this whirlwind adventure.

They covered everything from communication skills to fostering a supportive environment for our PhD candidates. It wasn’t just about being a know-it-all; it was about being a mentor, a guide, and a friend (well, a friendly friend, you get what I mean). We delved into the art of constructive feedback, and let me tell you, it’s not just about pointing out flaws; it’s about nurturing potential and helping students flourish.

The best part? Meeting like-minded colleagues from various fields. It was inspiring to see how we all shared the same passion for nurturing research and helping PhD students make their mark in the academic world. There were lively discussions, plenty of coffee breaks, and even a late-night karaoke session (where my rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” may or may not have made an appearance).

The program concluded with a heartfelt closing ceremony. We exchanged contact info and promised to stay in touch, forming a tight-knit network of future PhD supervisors. I left the CTLD feeling both enriched and motivated, ready to take on the challenge of guiding the next generation of scholars.

So, if you ever get the chance to embark on the AS102 Supervisory Development Program, don’t hesitate! It’s a wild ride, but one that will equip you with invaluable supervisory skills and a renewed sense of purpose. Here’s to fostering academic brilliance and turning PhD students into unstoppable forces of knowledge!

Until next time, keep learning, keep growing, and keep nurturing those brilliant minds! Cheers! 🎓🌟

Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) Team Building 2023

On July 27, 2023, a momentous event took place at Le Grandeur Palm Resort, Senai—the inaugural FKE Team Building 2023. This program marked a significant milestone as it was the first of its kind since UTM Synergy 4.0, aiming to enhance teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie among all staff members, including academic, professional, and administrative personnel of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE) and the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences (JKBSK).

The image was taken from Media FKE

Throughout the event, various challenges and activities were undertaken to strengthen team bonds, face obstacles together, foster deeper connections, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and learn to collaborate as a formidable team. The spirit of togetherness and cooperation cultivated during this program is expected to bring long-term benefits and excellence to FKE staff and UTM as a whole.

The FKE Team Building 2023 commenced with an air of enthusiasm and anticipation as participants gathered at Le Grandeur Palm Resort. The agenda was thoughtfully designed to encourage meaningful interactions among participants from diverse backgrounds and roles within the faculty and department. Everyone was assigned to mixed teams, encouraging them to collaborate with colleagues they may not have had the opportunity to work closely with before.

My team: Group 8 – Pink band

As the day progressed, the challenges became more intense, requiring each team to strategize, communicate effectively, and pool their collective talents to succeed. These activities were designed not only to improve problem-solving and decision-making skills but also to promote empathy and understanding among team members.

The FKE Team Building 2023 concluded with a heartfelt closing ceremony. Participants gathered in a hall for reflections on the day’s experiences. The bonds formed during the program were palpable, as participants expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to connect with colleagues on a deeper level.

Group Photo

The FKE Team Building 2023 was not just a one-day event; it was a catalyst for lasting change within the faculty and department. By instilling a strong sense of teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie, this program is expected to yield tangible benefits in the form of improved collaboration, enhanced workplace morale, and increased productivity among the staff. As the spirit of togetherness and synergy continues to thrive within FKE and JKBSK, it will undoubtedly contribute to the overall success and excellence of UTM as an institution. The memories and lessons from this event will serve as a guiding light for future endeavors, ensuring a united and resilient team at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and beyond.

1 FKE 1 ❤️

E-MOSFET DC Analysis: Discussion Based on Example

An example MOSFET transistor circuit is shown in the video below. In order to be able to find the vital DC values in this MOSFET circuit, we are now going to perform DC analysis on it. For an analysis of the dc response of a MOSFET circuit, one must know the bias state (saturation or non-saturation).

Let’s watch the video!

Self-Reflection of Teaching Development over Time 2022

When I was a kid, I always want to be a lecturer. For me, education can change the world and with that, I can create a better future not only mine but also the next generation that will lead the world.

As time goes by, after one year of Ph.D. thesis submission, praise to Allah the almighty, I was offered by First City University College (FCUC) to be a lecturer for teaching several subjects including Computer Architecture and Organization (CAO), System on Silicon (SOS) and also Programming for Engineers (PFE).

As a newbie in academia, I thought teaching is only a lecturer-centered approach. In other words, a lecturer directs students to learn through memorization and recitation techniques thereby not emphasizing enhancing their motivation, and developing their critical thinking problem solving and decision-making skills, especially in online class settings during the Covid’19 pandemic. Every day, I planned everything for my students to enhance their understanding of the topics thought without implementing a variety of teaching methods. As you can see in the next photo, this is an example of my teaching planning. Everything is all about the lecture notes 🙁

I would say, it was very rare for me to allocate some period of time for my students to actively engage in the class; no gamification and or video-based learning during the teaching and learning session.

I was eager to ensure my students understand the topic without realizing that I have to engage with the students to enhance their motivation to study. This is because learning is most effective when students are intrinsically motivated. Not to mention that at the end of the class, I asked the students to give me some feedback on my teaching. Nevertheless, the performance of my students was not hit my expectation. At that time, I realized I have to change the teaching approach to grab my students’ attention.

After serving FCUC for several months, I was offered as a part of the UTM academic staff as a permanent position. The reporting day as a Senior Lecturer (DS51) was the first day of the 2nd Semester for the 2021-2022 session which was 20th March 2022.

During the first semester teaching at UTM, I reflect on all my strengths and weakness in teaching in order to improve myself and learn the art of teaching methods. I joined teaching and learning sharing sessions and training organized by UTM during my free time as much as I could. For instance, Online Assessment Using New Technology (Quizizz) course, Engaging Students Through Class Cooperative Learning Activities, Empowering Students in Large Online Classes, Creating Online Alternative Assessment course, Alternative and Authentic Assessment Course, and many more as shown in Figure below.

After the session, I implemented all the knowledge in my class. Some examples can be referred to in the following links:



As a result, almost half of my students in SEEU2012 got A’s and I also got this Feedback and Testimony in e-PPP.

All in all, I do not expect any praise from my students, but for me, at the end of the day, the knowledge from my teaching could prepare my students to be change-makers in their professional workforces after graduation besides encouraging them to be open minds and creative thinkers who will meet the challenges of their generation.

In the Name of God for Mankind

Belief and Practices of Assessment 2022

In the semester 20212022-2, I have been assigned to teach SEEU2012/SKEU2012 Electronic course as a service course to non-major students with a Mechanical Engineering background. I found that my students face some difficulties to cope with the topic thought in the class due to their deficiency in theories and fundamentals of Electrical circuits. As a result, it was very challenging for them to implement the basic law, theorems, and methods of analysis of electronic devices such as diodes and Bipolar Junction transistors (BJT) to solve complex problems related to the circuitry. Therefore, I help my students identify their strengths and weaknesses and target areas that need work through the formative assessment.

For this course, there were two formative assessment practices that I applied in the SEEU2012/SKEU2012 Electronic course. As a first step, I use no hands-up strategies to identify where students are in their learning, other than to promote student thinking, elicit evidence of student learning, and point out errors and misconceptions. Using this formative assessment, I asked several questions and then allocate thinking time. Then, calls the student’s name by using randomize dice app on the website. It is crucial that students engage in the lesson. I believe this practice allows me as a lecturer to better meet my student’s learning needs at the moment.

Using Quizziz or Kahoot on top of the eLearning quiz is another formative assessment practice I have used in class. I researched the handouts online and figured out how to do it by trial and error (googled it and figured it out myself). I did it in several courses. Like quizzes in eLearning, I found that Quizziz or Kahoot is easier and more attractive and interactive for the students to engage with.

For the quiz, I have prepared several sets of quizzes with multiple and variety of questions that focus more on the theories and fundamentals of this subject with multiple attempts to improve their performance and understanding. Then, I also implemented it in different platforms and tools such as Quizziz, Kahoot, and eLearning. In the final exam, I could say that the students who were done all the quizzes manage to score flying colors for the CLO1. Among the students, several did not take the quiz with multiple attempts. Students were reminded in class and via WhatsApp group to repeat the attempt of all especially in the eLearning. The reminder does not even matter to them. As a lecturer, I have tried my best to give them the chance and opportunity to improve their knowledge and performance. Hopefully, they can realize their mistakes and purify their intention to come to university.