Goal of Student Learning 2022

As a lecturer, it is my goal to ensure that my students can be better-quality intellectuals, professionals, and scholars by integrating the qualities of faith, knowledge, and good character to serve as agents of comprehensive and balanced progress as well as sustainable development in Malaysia and the world. Therefore, I believe knowledge and education are the foundation for them to meet the challenges of their generation. Hence, in order to achieve this goal, there are several elements and values that I want to inculcate and impart to them including (1) Think positive to stay focused and (2) Build good study habits.

  • Think positively to stay focused

To maintain a positive mindset toward learning while striving for excellence, it is important to focus on tasks that need to be done and learn new information. Therefore, as a lecturer, I always encourage my students to manage time their properly to avoid any stress by setting and tracking their own goals. Even though I really want my students to excel in their examinations, I also prioritize their mental health. I motivate them not to fear mistakes so that they can learn and that’s how they grow. In fact, I will schedule 20 minutes for consultation sessions after each class session every day. I am always available for discussion with my students and always available to communicate with them effectively. Taking this approach, I can get to know my students better, and at the end of the day, I believe the chemistry between lecturer and students can benefit students’ performance.

  • Build good study habits

As a lecturer, I am committed to helping my students express themselves and accept themselves as they are as well as embrace the differences of others. The student in my class is first divided into groups of six to eight learners for group learning. For me, group learning is important because I believe it helps students express, challenge, and refine their thoughts. Students can also gain insight from their peers by listening to new perspectives and discussing to improve their knowledge. This can help expand their horizons and enrich their own knowledge. At the same time, I want to inspire my students to think outside the box, challenge their everyday assumptions, and leave them with more questions than answers. Within their group learning, my students are required to solve the complex tutorial questions that have been assigned in the lecture notes. Concurrently, I asked my students to produce a video presentation to show the calculation and solution BRIEFLY. Then, they have to upload it to YouTube. At this point, the other groups could learn a different variety of questions through YouTube in an effective way without spending a lot of time on all tutorial questions.

Overall, as a lecturer, my success is the success of my students. I will always have high expectations for my students. While teaching, I believe in their potential to succeed, and I will make sure I push them to their limits. Even when they fail, I will keep motivating them to try again and to work harder. This goal of students’ learning will help me to pull them out of their comfort zones. They can pursue success knowing that I am there to pick them up each time they fail.

In the Name of God for Mankind