Personal Teaching Philosophy 2022

As a lecturer, I am not only emphasizing the transfer of information and knowledge alone, in fact, I will give my priority to educating my students to be balanced and holistic as excellent human beings that can be change-makers in their professional workforces after graduation besides encourage them to be open minds and creative thinkers who will meet the challenges of their generation. I do believe that learning is most effective when students are intrinsically motivated and inspired. Therefore, I aim to create dynamic learning lessons that are engaging, and relevant to my students’ real lives, and encourage active discovery according to cooperative learning so they can grow to reach much higher levels of maturity, affective, cognitive, psychomotor, and social. Besides that, I work hard to motivate students by modeling an inspired, positive outlook on education every day for lifelong learning. I would like to diverge their perspective from “I want to learn” rather than “I have to learn”. Hence, I encourage them by sharing my own experiences during my undergraduate studies at UTM. For me, while it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from the experiences of others.

My goal as a lecturer is I always want to see my students succeed even more than I did. As someone who comes from a low-income family where my late father worked as a rubber tapper and my mother was a housewife, I can sum up that education teaches me the value of hard work, helps us gain a better job, lets us develop, and makes our parents proud of us. Poverty may be a disadvantage but is not really an obstacle to our success. I can say that coming from a poor family has contributed a big part to my success and was an advantage to me to become the person I am today. Today, most of my students bring their own iPad or tablet to take notes, especially those born with a silver spoon. Because of this, I motivate to my students, especially from underprivileged families that the amount of effort they put in will directly affect the knowledge and gains they will achieve no matter where they come from. On the other hand, as an educator, I am committed to assisting my students acquire a wide range of general skills on top of the knowledge of specific subjects they have learned in the class. It is very important for students to be balanced between technical skills, soft skills, and knowledge. For this reason, I provide a forum platform in eLearning where students can share their ideas and take risks. In addition to improving their ability to explain and provide reasons, this activity can also encourage them to listen to opinions and suggestions from others. On top of that, I will embrace the different students’ learning preferences. I will create dynamic active learning to attract the student’s interest in the class.

As a lecturer, I cannot deny the fact that every student is unique, and have different learning preferences and different level of understanding. As we all know, learning takes various forms. Some prefer watching educational videos, listening, or hands-on, while others prefer reading the lecture notes and also recommending textbooks or asking questions during the lecture session. Hence, as a lecturer, I will try to embrace their differences. I apply various methods in the classroom to engage with my students. Sometimes, I implement different teaching and learning delivery methods such as gamification using Quiziz, Kahoot, Padlet, and so on to attract their interest in the topic. Other than that, I also will create video-based learning through YouTube so that my students could watch the content according to their own pace. Then, there will be time that I will write the content on my Blog on examples and summarize the topic of certain subjects.

Besides that, I will schedule for consultation session after each class session. I am always available for discussion with students. Taking this approach, I can get to know my students better and this allows me to reflect on my teaching method so that I can improve it from time to time besides improving my knowledge by attending several teachings and learning training organized by UTM and outside organizations.

Abu Hurairah, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“When a person dies, his deeds are cut off except for three: A continuing charity, the knowledge that others benefited from, and a righteous son who supplicates for him”.

— Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1376

In the Name of God for Mankind