Online Teaching at Home starting 1st April 2020

I started my online class on 1st April. What I did in my class was (1) I recorded video and then all the uploaded all the videos in Edpuzzle and also in e-learning via Interactive Video. (2) I asked a few questions in the videos to make sure students understand what...

Checklist for Course File UTM

NO.      ITEMS  STATUS / REMARKS COURSE MANAGEMENT 1. Appointment Letter and/ or Timetable 2. Memo/Minutes Meeting on T & L (optional) 3. Course Assessment Report (CARS (from each section) and CASR (summary)) & EOC (end-of-course) Survey &CQI 4 Indirect...

Active learning – Chalk talk

One of the effective active learning techniques that I used in class is chalk talk. I will pass a marker to my students and they will try to answer the questions. It is good to train them in how to learn a written communication skill.

Hari terakhir pengisian markah ELPPT

31 Disember 2019 adalah hari terakhir untuk pengisian markah elppt. Pastikan semak terlebih dahulu setiap perkara yang diisi sebelum dihantar untuk dinilai. Good luck everyone!

Soul of academia (BC4DCP Program)

The issue that discussed in Module 16, BC4DCP program was regarding the importance of having a soul in academia. A soul of academia is about something that we cannot measure. It is come from our heart and spirit. A soul of academia is very important in order to get a...

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